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What inspiration will outdoor apparel and T-to-IN fashion hit each other? The Nordic outdoor brand ROYALWAY, which has always advocated the combination of functional and fashion product lines, has appeared in the ISPO BEIJING 2012 Eighth Asian Sports Products and Fashion Show (Beijing National Convention Center, Booth No. 3.207) with a special fashion and splendid image.
Nordic has always been recognized as the supreme place for global creative trend design, and many outstanding outdoor sports brands have been born. These brands integrate the strong Nordic design style into the functional clothing R&D. The Nordic brand ROYALWAY landed on the Chinese mainland market for three years, forging ahead and continuing to enter the Nordic movement for the outdoor sports market in China. This time, ROYALWAY spring and summer new play "eco-graffiti", with the original ecological animal and plant pattern rich nowadays slightly monotonous summer functional shirt.
It is expected that during the short four-day exhibition period, ROYALWAY will be decorated with Nordic silver-covered booths, ecological graffiti style design and fashionable new features to attract trade visitors to stop negotiations, ROYALWAY will display polar skiing and climbing in 2012 in all directions. Assault, walk through, city travel four product lines.
In functional products, ROYALWAY has continued to improve and enrich its product line of skin trench coats in research and development of innovative fabrics, thereby integrating its ultra-lightweight functional appeal into fashion life. With fresh colors, simple styles and human details, this season's ROYALWAY skin suit will surely win the favor of street hipsters.
In addition, ROYALWAY also advocates an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle and a fashionable outdoor wear concept based on functionality. As an advocate of the Nordic minimalist design style, ROYALWAY not only blends fashion and function perfectly, but also proposes "Mix and Match" of "Fashion & Function". It combines all-weather "functionality" with ROYALWAY's unique "Nordic temperament". ", highlights the unique charm of sports people.

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