4 major factors lead you to become a yellow face to teach you to say goodbye to dark yellow

Every woman wants her skin to be white, but the reality is not so good. Especially after the age of 25, the melanin in the body began to swell, the face was dark yellow, and the complexion was dull, just like a layer of unclean yellow gas, sometimes feeling gray-faced.

In the final analysis, the skin is dull, the skin is rough, loose, and has small wrinkles. These are the symptoms of initial aging. Therefore, don't think that your skin is darker and yellower. There is no other problem. This is an important sign of initial aging. It is the last word to take care early.

Texture mess

Why are you a yellow face?

1, texture confusion

Surface characteristics: The skin becomes dry and slack.

Rescue method: prevent aging and UV protection early.

Although the UV intensity in the spring sun is not too high, the "killing power" of the skin still exists, so you must not neglect the isolation measures in the spring. While enjoying the golden sunshine, you should know how to care for your skin at all times.

2, melanin accumulation

Surface features: centered on the height of the humerus, especially dull.

Cause analysis: UV rays throughout the year make melanin stronger.

Rescue method: Regular whitening and exfoliating treatments, no matter whether it is sunny or cloudy, do not forget the sunscreen every day. Whitening, grasp the "black sweep" golden period: In the spring and summer, it should be cleaned up, then whitening, the effect is the first in the year, want to be a "WHITE girl", how can you miss this black gold period!

3, poor blood circulation

Surface features: The overall skin tone seems to have a layer of haze.

Analysis of the cause of evil: indoor and outdoor temperature differences make the blood circulation more unsmooth.

Rescue method: massage and bath can effectively improve the metabolic cycle. Regular sleep, diet, and proper exercise can also help.

The lines and basic methods of facial massage are:

a, the head is the beginning, through the jaw to the cheeks, evenly upwards and outwards.

b. In order to prevent sagging and sagging of the mouth, a circular massage can be made along the mouth.

c, facial muscle relaxation is easy to aging, gently press and pat the cheek muscles to improve elasticity.

4, sebum oil

Surface features: T zone is more greasy.

Analysis of the cause of evil: makeup and sebum mixed, resulting in dark skin.

Oil Control Collection: Remove the shine on your face. In addition, you can also take more vitamin A in your diet to promote metabolism. Vitamin A is found in animal livers, egg yolks, dairy products, yellow-green vegetables and fish foods.

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