Decoration Guide: teach you how to supervise the construction of solid wood flooring

The paving of the floor accounts for a large proportion in the future use. How to ask for the paving effect when decorating? Some floor sales personnel interviewed by the reporter said that the wooden floor must be removed before being laid, and then dried in a ventilated environment. At least one week, this is to adapt the wooden floor to the microclimate from the factory to the renovation site.

Then, the construction team should proceed as follows:

      1. Clean the ground first; 2. Make sure the ground is dry; 3. Make a layer of asphalt oil. There is asphalt oil sold in the market, no need to use asphalt blocks to melt. The reason for this is to prevent moisture and insects; 4. The bottom plate is generally used with a 9-inch splint, and some people use 12%. The 9 PCT plate must be cut into four pieces with a gap of one centimeter between each piece. Then use steel nails to fix the board and the ground; 5. Lay the log floor. Use nails to hit the four sides of the board. Note that only two small points of white latex can be used per board. Because white latex is water-based, too much will cause the board to damp and arch; 6. Polish the floor, at least three times. The second or more polished wood chips should be preserved; 7. Fill the gap between the boards with the retained wood powder; 8. Apply the oil to the floor at least three times.

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