Master-level makeup tools to create a perfect spring ma…

When the new year is over, everyone wants to be more beautiful. We saw that the masters of the make-up artist have produced countless amazing makeup, and the most important makeup is the foundation. In addition to skillful techniques, they have their own magic weapon - puff. Don't underestimate ----more

Paper core doll ornaments

STURDY AND HYGIENIC - The solid silicone surface leaves no crevices for bacteria to collect. The premium kitchen spatula is firm enough for mixing both wet and dry ingredients together. The silicone kitchen spatula set is especially suited for kitchen tasks because of ----more

Four coups teach you to choose the plate furniture is n…

The hardware connector is the most intuitive quality standard. The good hardware should be freely switched, no noise, and the surface coating does not peel off. The hardware of some high-end panel furniture is imported, and the foreign language logo can be found on it. Because the freely disassembl ----more

The Spring Festival is decorated with a family of lamps…

Determine style by age of interest Due to the level of culture, hobbies, age, and occupation, the style of the lamp is different. Set the lighting to start from the actual, and according to personal preferences, to get the specific style and effect of the lighting. The main body lamp of the elder ----more

Ai Ruisi Wang Jing: Design and terminal enhance competi…

Ai Ruisi Executive Vice President Wang Jing Renewable demand highlights Q: What is the characteristic of this market in the Mid-Autumn Festival? [Wang Jing] The Mid-Autumn Festival is definitely not the same as the "May 1st" and "11". The customer base is not so big, but we l ----more

After the holiday, the furniture market is obvious

In 2011, the development of the furniture industry was struggling. Whether it is the macro environment or the industry itself, the situation is not optimistic. The impact of policies, increased costs, competition in the industry and other factors have put the entire furniture industry into a dilemm ----more

Xinfei Liu Rong: Building its HVAC brand

Page 1: Xinfei Liu Rong: Building its HVAC brand Page 2: Xinfei Liu Rong builds its HVAC brand Liu Rong, Manager of Beijing General Branch of Xinfei Group Xinfei Radiator Co., Ltd. Xinfei Group builds its HVAC brand and enters the home building industry [Reporter] Welcome Liu to the studio. Xi ----more