Scraper maintenance

In order to obtain good quality prints, the accuracy of the squeegee must be guaranteed. Before printing, check the straightness of the scraper blade edge. When the printing is stopped, use a cotton cloth and apply a proper amount of solvent to wipe it cleanly. Do not use a hard knife such as a kn ----more

Advantages and uses of offset film inks and film oils

With the development of society, people's demand for fine prints is getting higher and higher. Lithographic offset printing materials have also become increasingly diversified from single paper, PVC, PE, PP, PET, synthetic paper, gold and silver cards, etc. Non-absorbent materials are also inc ----more

Automate upgrades to improve beverage filling lines

While focusing on machines that can be used for the filling of a wide range of products, improving the machine's ability to operate is the main purpose of Tooheys Distillery's automation upgrade of its entire plant packaging equipment at its Lidcombe plant in northern Sydney in 2002. After ----more

Using color management and remote proofing towards the …

(6) Digital proofing color evaluation: 1. The methods used to evaluate color are: (1) Visual Inspection - Subjective Evaluation (Color Management) (2) Measurement - Device Calibration 2. The focus of color assessment: (1) Single Color Block - Single Color Stimuli (2) Measurement method - Tes ----more

Rapid, efficient and flexible linear flow meter filling…

Orchard House Foods, a juice and fruit-flavoured yogurt manufacturer, chose British-made Breitner equipment through UK agent Engel-mann & Buckham in order to expand its filling capacity. Orchard House Foods installed two eight-head Breitner IDL linear flow meter filling machines and a VRS fou ----more

Seal-ScanTM Seal Inspection Machine for any material

PTI received the first prize for processing innovation from an international association for its latest Seal-ScanTM inspection technology. This inspection technique can be used to detect defects or breakages in horizontal or vertical bag seals of any material (eg foil, plastic, paper, TYVEKTM), wh ----more

Anti-fake packaging for injection

Shenwei Pharmaceutical's Qingkailing Injection is a premium brand prescription drug. In order to protect its products from the market's best-selling and ensure that consumers buy reliable Shenwei products, the product packaging uses a multi-layer dyeing security paper, because the paper is ----more