How to perform quality inspection on flexo resin plate

Regardless of the printing process, pre-press production has a great influence on the quality of printing. What's more, flexo plate making is a "shape". Either it is good, or it is a waste version. If there is a problem, it cannot be compensated or corrected. This is the biggest shor ----more

COMPAQ server data recovery Darth Technology

Media information: The COMPAQ server consists of 10 73G hard disks, the operating system is windows 2003, and the file partition type is NTFS. Fault description: Among the 10 hard disks, RAID5 made by the first 4 hard disks, RAID 5 made by the last 6 hard disks, two sets of RAID, and two hard d ----more

Known as the most ferocious 900-speed extreme fat burni…

The following picture is done 100 times for each movement, a total of 900 times, the individual's physical fitness to the extreme, fat-reducing effect is amazing, claimed to be a kilogram a week, the effect is comparable to Insanity Workout, friends who want to lose weight ----more

[Tianjin University of Science and Technology] Mechanic…

[Mechanical Principles Comprehensive Teaching Aid] Introduction to the work: This teaching aid combines the basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing principles, realizes the whole process of flowering and closing with a simple linkage mechanism, and realizes the teaching demonstration of the b ----more

Zhengzhou Weier-electronic balance calibration

Calibration of electronic balances is divided into internal calibration and external calibration Electronic balance inner school: First, the balance should be warmed up, the time is about 2-3 hours. Second, the balance should be horizontal, otherwise it will be adjusted. 3. When the balance is ----more

Square gift box making process and template

Square gift box making process and template Weaving Basket Weaving Basket : Weaving basket are purely weaved by handmade with the natural raw material, such as the bamboo chip, wood chip, sea grass ,water hyacinth , awn and fern. The main feature of th ----more

[Overseas events] US Burton Open 97 minutes long apprec…

The domestic snow season is nearing completion, and all major skiing events at home and abroad have also entered the final stage. At the end of the first weekend, the US Burton Open has ended. After releasing the Yuki's highlight video yesterday, it has been well received by domestic snow f ----more