Outdoor classroom: try to avoid the top ten taboos of o…

One, avoid direct sunlight The bright sunshine provides good lighting conditions that make the scenery lively, saturated in color, and provide conditions for using high-speed Shutters and small apertures. But the strong sunshine will also cause problems. The most prominent is that its dazzling li ----more

Brand--a term concerning the survival of the company

The brand name is not unfamiliar to everyone. Nowadays, all circles of the society are talking about brands. A successful brand can not only bring huge benefits to the enterprise, but also enable the enterprise to brand a good image in the hearts of consumers, thus enabling enterprises to Today ----more

Pink Greek exotic foreign dream home

Every girl has a princess dream in her heart. In her dreams, there are princes, castles, and flowers... However, as time goes by, as the mind matures and as the experience increases, many people take this heart. The princess dreams of hiding and letting it sleep deep in the heart. However, there i ----more

Shunde Vocational College held "Milan sentiment - …

On May 16th, the School of Design of Shunde Vocational and Technical College held the “The Milan Trends – The Latest Trend Report of the 2012 Milan International Furniture Fair” in the academic lecture hall of the school. Cai Shubin, deputy director of Shunde District Economic Pro ----more

Fresh Nordic fashion wind Scandinavian wallpaper

Scandinavian style is a modern style that combines modernist design ideas with traditional design cultures, paying attention to the practical functions of products, emphasizing human factors in design, avoiding too rigid and harsh geometric forms. . Fresh Nordic fashion wind Scandinavian wallpaper ----more

Application of the principle of follow-up compensation …

Application of the principle of follow-up compensation system in barrel making machinery Yang Wenliang Xinjiang Heshengxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in China to develop a fully automatic vertical steel drum production line. At present, two production lines have b ----more

High quality solid wood door, details can not be ignore…

A set of high-quality solid wood doors, in addition to good wood and paint materials and processes, some details can not be ignored. Some solid wood doors now have some glass to change the artistic appeal of the door and increase the transparency. For the choice of glass, consider the appearan ----more