Camilla Bell leads the trend of retro eyebrow makeup

You may not know Hollywood actress Camilla Bell , but always feel where I have seen her, and carefully recall the 1997 Jurassic Park 2 stills directed by Spielberg (12 photos) Ji Park 3, the little girl who was hurt by the dinosaurs - do they look very much like them? Although Camilla's work is ----more

Colorful fishtail makeup is full of romantic feelings

Chanel2011 spring and summer Haute Couture show makeup has passed, but full of romantic feelings and colorful fishtail makeup has left a profound impact, compared to Dior's colorful eye makeup and dramatic eye makeup, Chanel this time The makeup of the show is more usable for us. Translucent n ----more

How credible is the niche beauty brand?

The niche beauty brand is moderately priced, and the quality is not bad. It has slowly broken a path in the beauty industry. Although it is not growing up in the buzz, the niche brand is really fame, according to the seller’s memory, two years ago. These products are completely in the store, ----more

Improve the quality of plate liners is the key

Offset water roller stick ink, with a water roller, water transfer roller stick ink and string water roller, water fountain roller stick ink two. The former is a fiber fabric sticky ink and the latter is a metal stick ink. The water roller sticks to the ink and will affect the normal water deliver ----more

Firming facial products reproduce facial contours

Woke up, facial edema is amazing! Xiaobian always hopes to have a carving knife to cut off the edema and reproduce the contour of the lifting face. 1. Drink too much water before going to bed at night, eat too many snacks, especially with salty food. 2, if you bury your face in a pillow to sleep ----more

Personality combination light "wheel" is also…

This set of luminaires is combined with a set of folding shades to form a giant wheel that can be used as a floor lamp or a hanging work light to showcase the designer's ingenious ideas and imagination.   Coin Purse, a bag used to hold a coin. Coin is one of the circulation forms of cur ----more

"Beauty goddess" nude makeup interpretation o…

Feng Yuzhi , although she is a new female star, she is known as the "Beauty Goddess", but she is very popular. She is favored by various fashion brands. Recently, Feng Yuzhi and Meikong MSP cooperated in a new film. Under the strong contrast between her dignified appearance and hot body, ----more