High school mathematics: 1-1-2-2 cyclic structure 2 col…

High school mathematics: 1-1-2-2 cyclic structure 2 courseware (mandatory A version of compulsory 3) draw a program block diagram for 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × 5 ×… × n. [Analysis] This is a problem of accumulative multiplication. The multiplication is repeated n-1 times, which c ----more

Home industry: the pace of listing companies is not a s…

Capital-assisted home market is no longer a new topic. Since the listing of several home furnishing companies in 2011, the home furnishing industry has accelerated the pace of listing. Judging from the current situation, due to the influence of the entire industry situation, enterprises that have a ----more

Paper core tiger handmade

Handmade materials: roll core , pigment, active eyes , black hair root , black buttons , 4 corks, twisted sticks , styrofoam balls , sponge paper Fish TankFish Aquarium,Aquarium Tank,Aquarium Tank Fish,Fish Tank AquariumHENGYUE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD , https://www.hetoaqu ----more

Analysis of linear deformation temperature of high and …

One of the linear deformation temperature of the high and low temperature test chamber is the average temperature rise and fall speed in the whole process, and the other is the linear temperature rise and fall speed. The average speed of the whole process refers to the ratio of the difference betw ----more

Alligator clip chemical simulation laboratory part2

"Holder clip" is a set of simulation experiment platform containing four subjects of physics, chemistry, technology and ICT (information and communication technology). Among them, the chemical simulation laboratory is a vivid and realistic computer-aided teaching simulation experiment soft ----more

Preparation of spot human interferon-α ELISA test kit

This reagent is for research use only: serum or plasma Shanghai Xinran Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying dextran gel HL-20, interleukin elisa kit, tumor necrosis factor elisa kit, human interleukin antigen B27, cell growth factor reagent Box, providing free proxy testing services to ens ----more

MOM doodle card handmade

Ask the children to cut out the MOM card and apply a beautiful color. The back can be written with a greeting or a beautiful Mother's Day or a 38th card . Wow Because we want to help you to get the best storage solution for your clothes and space, our wardrobes ha ----more