Solvent-based adhesives are difficult to replace

More than 50% of food flexible packaging companies in Europe and the United States already use water-based adhesives or solvent-free adhesives. However, the development and promotion of solvent-based adhesives in China is very slow. The substitution process is blocked and lack of funds is an impor ----more

Royal British Forces Training Manual (Chapter 1)

Every year you can see two such scenarios. 150 anxious candidates gathered in Hereford, England, the headquarters of the special air force. There is only one goal in their mind that is to be able to gain a place in the most elite troops in the world. But to win the famous light brown beret and the ----more

National Academy of Sciences developed NPET nano plasti…

The Chinese Academy of Sciences recently developed a PET bottle for PET (NPET). This product is a polyester (PET) polymerization intercalation and compounding technology. It is prepared by adding organic montmorillonite and PET monomers together into a polymerization tank. This NPET is more barrie ----more

Aseptic Bottler Perfectionism

Traditionally, aseptically filled packaging can be stored, transported, and distributed at room temperature. There is no need to refrigerate the product and it saves costs, which often helps manufacturers to invest a great deal in the cost of sterile equipment. But at Tropicana Europe's new p ----more

US produces PET/N/PET 3-layer beer bottles

The Schmalbach-lubeca, Michigan, company produces PET/N/PET 3-layer beer bottles. The bottle cap is a Japanese PE Groutcork company's attached PE aluminum ring crown cover, with a weight of only 25g, which can maintain beer shelf life of 6 months. PET bottles with PET/EVOH/PET3 layer structure ----more

Screen printing ink 1000 asked (500-509 ask)

500. What is the formula for F-type Acraming adhesive printing ink? Answer: The basic formula of F-type Acraming adhesive printing ink is as follows. 10% Accraming FWR 100-200g Emulsifying paste xg Akramar W 100-200g Color paste 20-lOOg Urea (1:1) lOOg Crosslinking agent FH 1 2-25g Total: ----more