Types and composition of uppercase digital printing ink…

Liquid digital printing inks are often used for ink jet printing. The type of ink is related to the structure of ink heads of ink jet printers. The ink heads can be divided into two types: thermal compression type and piezoelectric type. Piezoelectric type is divided into high precision and low pr ----more

The two basic points of digital proofing

At present, the digital proofing system has received eager attention from the publishing and printing industry. Its product quality, production efficiency and ease of use are loved by professionals in the industry, showing a good development trend and application prospects. However, because the a ----more

Thermoformed containers

Berry Plastics' thermoformed container series is suitable for applications in the cooked food sector and is available in sizes 8, 12, 16 and 32 ounces. According to the company, the product is designed to store display products in stores, and if used for refrigeration, the refrigerator's c ----more

Canada has developed a new type of high-heat food packa…

The food technology center of GueCph University in Ontario, Canada successfully developed a new type of PEN-resistant polyethylene naphthalene phenolic resin for high heat-resistant food packaging materials. This new package has the advantages of high heat resistance, resistance to embrittlement, ----more

RFID radio tags are actually printed (middle)

- Wafer carriers - This is the two conductive antennas attached to the chip that carries the RFID, usually printed on the PET film. <See FIG. 3> must be formed at a very high concentration. This method has a higher production cost but better softness. For the wafer to work, an antenna must ----more

The relation between compressibility and printing quali…

Foam liner adhesive tape dynamic characteristics The disadvantage of the CFD test is that the data comes from statistical tests. On the press, the foam liner adhesive tape is continuously loaded and unloaded with each contact embossing with the substrate and the anilox roller. It is under this d ----more

CD printing other ways

With the renewal of technology, more and more new printing technologies continue to infiltrate into the printing of optical discs. At present, digital printing, flexo printing, etc. are gradually being applied to optical disc printing, together with previously used stickers and other processes, an ----more