Counting children's furniture is currently 4 popular styles

As children's status in Chinese families has increased, the value of children's ancillary goods has also soared. Among them, children's furniture, children's toys, etc. have become hot products, and many parents are willing to spend a lot of energy on children. In the major home building materials stores, we will easily find children's furniture brands. Parents buy furniture for their children, and “environmental protection” and “health” are the mainstream.

â—†The characteristics of environmentally friendly furniture

1. The materials used for environmentally friendly furniture tend to be natural. They do not contain harmful substances and do not emit harmful gases. Even if they are no longer used, they are easy to recycle and reuse.

2. The auxiliary materials for environmentally friendly furniture should be energy-saving, non-polluting and easy to recycle.

3, environmentally friendly furniture product design in line with ergonomic principles, reduce redundant functions, under normal and abnormal use, will not adversely affect the human body and damage.

4. In the design and production process of environmentally friendly furniture, the product life cycle should be extended as much as possible to make the furniture more durable, thus reducing the energy consumption in reprocessing.

"Environmental protection" pays attention to the health of the human body. Children, as the builders of the future of the motherland, are also essential for psychological health. From this point of view, children's furniture should not only pay attention to environmental protection, but also pay attention to children's psychological health. .

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