Evaluation: meet different needs Shen Luda shower

申鹭达花洒 产品展示

申鹭达花洒 头顶花洒

The shower disc has a large disc and a large spray area. The spout is made of silica gel and does not easily accumulate impurities. And it can be rotated 180° left and right, increasing the range of use.

申鹭达花洒 手持花洒

The whole shower is made of all copper, and the hand shower is the same. Its nozzle has three jetting effects, which can meet different bathing requirements, and it is very comfortable to hold and does not slip.

申鹭达花洒 上下移动

The hand shower can be adjusted to suit the needs of different consumers. Press and hold the button on the left to adjust it up and down. When it is released, it is firmly stuck.

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