How to remove formaldehyde from children's furniture

How to buy children's furniture has always been a concern of many parents. Newly purchased furniture has always been worried about the pollution of formaldehyde. How to eliminate formaldehyde in children's furniture has attracted much attention in household pollution. Many people do not know that formaldehyde is now known. It has become a major source of pollution that damages the home environment and damages human health. It may cause various diseases such as asthma and leukemia. Xiao Bian today has sorted out a few things in addition to formaldehyde, so that children can have a happy and healthy childhood in a pleasant home.

Wood furniture produces a lot of high-toxic substances in the production process, and the inferior paints have higher levels of heavy metals. At a distance of 1 m from the ground, the lead concentration in the air is 16 times that at 1.5 m, and the height of the child is just in this range.

At present, 90% of children's furniture is made of medium-density board, particle board and other plates. Only a small amount of children's furniture is made of pine wood and other laminated materials, which often leads to excessive levels of harmful gases in children's rooms. At present, most of the children's furniture on the market only indicates the content of formaldehyde, but there is almost no detection number for benzene and heavy metals. Some test reports only contain the hazardous content of the board, not the harmful substances such as paint. Once put into the children's room, this kind of furniture will affect the health of the child. It is understood that among the various furniture, brightly colored lead paint accounts for a large share. Tests have shown that among the 23 samples containing lead paint, the orange paint has the highest lead content, followed by yellow, green and brown.

Infants and young children often touch the furniture by hand. It is easy to ingest a large amount of lead when sucking fingers, and the absorption rate of lead by infants and young children is very high, about 5 times that of adults. When lead enters the body, it can damage the nervous system, digestive system and blood system. Lead poisoning can also seriously damage the liver. More seriously, lead entering the human body is difficult to be discharged.

How to buy children's furniture?

When purchasing children's furniture, first check carefully whether the furniture inspection report is a simple sheet inspection, or whether it includes paint inspection. When signing a sales contract, you should clearly write the environmental protection guarantee. If the merchant refuses to sign the guarantee, it is best not to buy it. . Secondly, it is best to choose furniture with a small amount of binder, which has a relatively low formaldehyde content. The environmental protection levels are from low to high: MDF, particle board, large core board, plywood, laminated timber, laminated timber, solid wood. Third, don't choose furniture that is too bright, because most bright paints contain heavy metals such as lead.

Children are in a period of rapid growth and development, and the body function and resistance system are not yet perfected and mature. The resistance and defense ability of pollutants such as formaldehyde and heavy metals contained in children's furniture are weak. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the purchase of children's furniture, pay attention to the choice of environmentally friendly signs, checked furniture, but also avoid the choice of colors that are too bright and colorful.

There is a way to remove formaldehyde

What about children's furniture bought back, if there is a big smell of formaldehyde? Unification of international home experts reminds you to try the following methods for removing formaldehyde.

The first is activated carbon adsorption method, the adsorption of formaldehyde on activated carbon is very obvious, but depending on the size of the space, the amount of activated carbon is also different. In addition, the activated carbon should be replaced after it has been adsorbed to a certain extent.

Of course, formaldehyde can also be removed chemically, but although these products can eliminate formaldehyde to a certain extent, it is also possible to re-manufacture other pollutants, resulting in secondary pollution.

In fact, there are many methods, such as the plant absorption method, which can absorb a lot of chemicals in the furniture, so you can put more green plants near the newly bought furniture.

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