Evaluation: Balance Shu feeling Bailan 床垫 mattress



The Bailanhao fabric surface mattress is made of Belgian imported cotton knit fabric. It has a strong skin-friendly feel. The filling is 10 cm latex, 2kg silk and horse hair. The touch is soft and comfortable, and the sitting feeling is also very good. The spring adopts a separate honeycomb spring and a spring-in-spring structure, which fully guarantees the flexibility and support of the bed. The 5-segment partition allows the shoulders, back, waist, hips and legs to be well relaxed.


The Bailan's fabric face mattress has been designed with 40 layers of accessories overlay, eight-layer waterproof system, spring center spring, honeycomb spring and five-section partition to create the most unique balance comfort system mattress. In particular, the use of the spring center spring and the independent tube spring, the support force is good, can be freely flipped silently, no longer worry about disturbing the partner's sleep. Different body sizes require different degrees of sinking of the mattress. According to the division of the body's different hardness areas, the shoulders, back, waist, hips and legs can be well supported.


The Bailanhao fabric surface mattress adopts pure natural latex with good elasticity and high softness. The patented car line and the back line of the mattress are designed according to the ergonomic principle, and the breathable effect is very suitable for the body comfort. Latex cotton can disperse evenly, slow down the body weight, conform to the human body curve, correct the bad sleeping position, and truly achieve complete relief, for systemic decompression.

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