Japanese no-small smug eye makeup tutorial

Makeup, the most important thing is to master the eye makeup. Because the eyes are the most impressive part, beginners should pay attention. This article teaches you how to paint Japanese eye makeup. This Japanese eye makeup is quite popular, and you can create a flawless eye makeup in just a few steps!
Eye-dropping makeup eye makeup makeup steps Japanese eye-dropping makeup
Japanese eye makeup makeup steps:
Japanese eye drop makeup method 1: apply bb cream to modify skin color
In order to make the effect of flawless eye makeup even more, we start with the basic makeup. After doing the basic skin care work, choose a refreshing BB cream, apply a proper amount on your fingertips, and then apply evenly to your face to help modify the complexion and make the face as white as possible.
Japanese eye-dropping makeup method 2: painting the nose shadow to create a three-dimensional
The next step is to paint a nose to help shape a more solid face. Apply a small amount of shadow powder from the front end of the eyebrows to the sides of the nose, and draw a faint shadow to make the nose look taller. Generally, choosing a light brown or brown eye shadow is more natural.
Japanese eye drop makeup method three: repair powder to modify the face
Apply a proper amount of powder to the makeup brush and apply it to the gangster's position. The purpose is to make the face look smaller, to create a nice little v face, and to prepare for eye makeup.
Japanese eye drop makeup method four: liquid blush to create a good skin color
Apply a small amount of pink liquid blush at the position of the cheekbones, apply a proper amount, gently apply it in a circular motion, and evenly beat to create a good look on the face.
Japanese Eye Drops Painting Method 5: Painting Brown Eye Shadow
Next is the focus of this makeup, the eye makeup. The picture above is the eye shadow we need to use, and the number has been marked for easy explanation. First, take the No. 1 color eyeshadow and apply it on the entire eye socket as the base color of the eye makeup. Next, put on the 2nd color eye shadow, superimposed on the 1st color eye shadow, the range of application is from the root of the eyelash to the half of the eye socket. Finally, the 3D color eyeshadow is used to describe the fold position of the double eyelids, which makes the whole eye makeup more layered.
Japanese Eye Drops Painting Method 6: Eyeliner Painting
After drawing the eye shadow, enter the drawing link of the eyeliner. The black eyeliner used is depicted. Half-closed eyes, according to the white point marked in the figure, that is, the root of the eyelashes draws a slender eyeliner, and the part drawn to the end of the eye is slightly raised. Then the part of the lower eyeliner is to pay attention to the eyeliner at the position of the end of the eye.
Japanese Eye Drops Painting Method 7: Paste False Eyelashes
The key to creating a flawless Japanese eye makeup is on the eyelashes. We need to use fake eyelashes to create a long and flawless look. The upper eyelashes use the entire piece of false eyelashes, and the one that lengthens the end of the eye is selected to be able to get out of the flawless eyelid makeup effect. The lower eyelash part only needs to be attached to the upper end of the eye. Finally, in order to make the true and false eyelashes better blend together, you need to use mascara to make the effect more natural.
Japanese Eye Drops Painting Method 8: Applying Lip Gloss
The final step is to choose a natural color lip gloss, such as the model's light coral lip gloss, which can be applied to the lips. Against the backdrop of light-colored makeup, the flawless big-eyed makeup is particularly attractive, full of pity, and exciting.

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