Binzhou: Temperatures are getting warmer and the "outdoor economy" ushered in a new wave

Binzhou: Temperatures are getting warmer "Outdoor economy" ushered in a new upsurge Date: 2016-03-18 10:16

As the weather gradually warms up, more and more people go to outdoor sports, and the accompanying outdoor products welcome a new upsurge of sales. Recently, reporters learned from outdoor stores in major shopping malls in Binzhou Huimin County that sales of outdoor products have doubled and the outdoor economy has seen a spring scene.

In Huimin County, a number of outdoor products stores, the reporter saw all kinds of outdoor supplies everything from tents to large camping tents to sleeping bags, small clothes, shoes and hats, and mats suitable for outings on the outskirts, fishing mats, folding chairs, etc. . The weather was warm recently. I plan to purchase a few mountain bikes for my family to go out into the suburbs. One is to ease work and study pressure, and the other is to advocate green travel. Mr. Luo, who picked a car at a mountain bike store in Huimin County, said that many of his friends had the same plans as him and wanted to buy some outdoor items to enrich the warm spring life.

At the Huimin Shenghao Store's field supplies sales area, the reporter saw many citizens choosing equipment suitable for outdoor sports. Sales staff said: In recent days, more and more people travel, especially on weekends to buy sports shoes, sportswear, especially outdoor sports equipment, the public is very much, our sales performance is much better than usual times . In addition, the reporter learned that with the growing number of citizens performing outings and camping activities, digital products, fishing equipment, picnic equipment, and kite products have also entered the peak season.

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