Daily broadcast - Nanjing Mountain Marathon | It is the first cross-country race for many people

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1. Nanjing Mountain Marathon | It is the first cross-country race for many people

2. Spring outdoor trip, equipment first!

3. Chizhou won the title of "the most attractive outdoor leisure destination"

4. "2016 Yue Run Mountain City" - Canon Chongqing Marathon Passion Starting

5. Bicycle tourism car rental: a quietly rising service market?

Nanjing Mountain Marathon | It is the first cross-country race for many people

On March 27th, at 8:30, the third Huitianfu Nanjing Mountain Marathon will be fired on the banks of the beautiful Longjing Lake in Nanjing.

The Wuxi Futian Nanjing Mountain Marathon is an off-road race that aims to spread the spirit of human exploration and discovery through cross-country running and provide participants with an opportunity to discover and enjoy the beauty of Nanjing and the beauty of nature. The track design incorporates mountains, trails and forest roads. Along the Chaolong Lake, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the southern landscape.

At the same time, it has been working hard to integrate the public-benefit elements into the game, allowing the runners to have a more fulfilling inner experience while running. Following the cooperation with the "Love Running" public welfare project in 2015, the Nanjing Humming Marathon will join hands with the "river and children" public welfare assistance program.

Their goal this year is to raise funds for the "river and children" education program, which exceeds 80,000 yuan.

Outdoor travel in spring, equipment first!

With a 2.5-layer Lightweight Jackets, the fabric is made of YAK TECH DRY waterproof technology, which not only has excellent waterproof and breathable properties, but also greatly enhances the moisture absorption of the fabric. Keeping the body in a dry state without sticking to the skin even when in direct contact with the skin, it is more dry and comfortable than an ordinary 2.5-layer fabric, giving you a more dry waterproof experience.

The inner surface is treated with a special mineral coating to completely remove the stickiness of the traditional 2.5-layer fabric to the skin. It can greatly improve the haptic effect of fabric and skin, especially in high humidity environment, ensuring dry and comfortable wearing feeling.

Chizhou Named "Most Attractive Outdoor Leisure Destination"

At the Jiangshan summit of the just-concluded 2016 Global Outdoor Leisure Tourism Conference, Chizhou was honored as the “most attractive outdoor leisure destination”.

It is understood that the Jiangshan Summit of the 2016 Global Outdoor Leisure Tourism Conference sponsored by the China Tourism Research Institute, China Outdoor Network, and the China-France Mountain Development Center was held in Jiangshan, Zhejiang from March 12th to 13th. Some provincial and municipal tourism and sports executives across the country More than 600 people from the departments, mainstream media representatives, representatives of event organizations and representatives of outdoor clubs attended the conference. During the summit, the global outdoor leisure and sports tourism award ceremony was held.

The theme of the summit was “Cultivate Fashion and Leisure, Help Consumer Institutions to Upgrade”. The theme discussion was held on the sports industry development trend and event marketing summit forum, as well as the development of China's outdoor leisure industry and the development of destination global tourism.

"2016 Yue Run Shan City" - Canon Chongqing Marathon Passion Starting

On March 20, the Chongqing International Marathon Contest kicked off with passion at Nan Yan Lu Yan Yu Park. The marathon fans fought hard to get up and running with enthusiastic and full of joy. The Canon 100 team also started the 2016 Canon (China) city. Marathon process.

Canon has always advocated an active and healthy lifestyle and put forward the "big health" slogan. We encourage everyone to share this happy spirit with family, friends, and colleagues to gain more resonance and joy and bring positive energy to the entire society. Canon (China), as the official partner of the marathon competition, set up the "Marathon Carnival" and organized a photography contest in cooperation with the Marathon Organizing Committee to provide participants with a better video experience.

The movement is the presentation of life energy. The meaning of life is to break through the self. Everyone in the competition encourages each other and insists on completing the competition. After the competition, the enthusiasm will not be retired. Take a photo in Canon's photography area, print and share, and pass this touch to everyone around you. Canon "good energy" for your life!

Bicycle tourism car rental: a quietly rising service market?

Cycling tourism, the point of literature and art is called bicycle travel, this phenomenon is more and more common in the country, and popular cycling sites, such as Qinghai Lake, Hainan Island, Thousand Island Lake, there have been many professional car rental shops, car rental The convenience of riding is also making more and more people start to try this way.

In October 2014, the State Council issued "Some Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption," which explicitly stated that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will exceed 5 trillion yuan. This is like injecting a strong boost to the sports industry. The sports tourism industry is also booming. When we focus on the segmented market for car rental, how big is it? How are the prospects? What do riders think? With many questions, the US rider reporter tried to discuss with everyone the status, difficulties and future of the bicycle tourism car rental market.

Safety Gate

Safety Gate

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The Advantage of the Safety gates:

1. Great for closing off doorways, hallways, and stairs.

2. The safety gate is also easy to install.

3. Protects children and pets from potential in-home danger.

4. Swings open in both directions and closes automatically.

Safety Gate

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