Furniture companies: E-commerce must be a "life-saving straw"

In the context of the increasingly fierce competition in the current furniture market, many companies have fallen into a dilemma in marketing methods. At this time, the rapid development of e-commerce is undoubtedly a "life-saving straw" for them, which has brought certain development hopes to them. However, no marketing method is omnipotent. If furniture companies have entered the following three major mistakes in the development of e-commerce, “life-saving straw” or “death life”.
Error one: high traffic equals high sales
E-commerce has a famous saying that traffic is king. Yes, traffic is the basis of e-commerce in e-commerce, but high traffic does not necessarily have sales. The guarantee of traffic quality is the most critical. So how to get quality traffic? At this point, furniture companies can manage the traffic from different channels and formulate different traffic strategies and conversion rate target values, which means that detailed analysis is carried out in a targeted manner. The traffic characteristics of the channel are handled by different marketing methods. To put it bluntly, furniture companies need to clarify the target marketing crowd and understand what they should do and how to do it.
Mistake 2: Large scale equals high premium ability
Large-scale has always been the pursuit of many furniture companies. Although there are large-scale negotiating weights, the increased amount can help reduce the cost of procurement, logistics and marketing, but it is easier for enterprises to ignore the business model. Scalability, when a business model is not expandable, the larger the scale, the higher the cost or the often unsatisfactory effect. Therefore, furniture companies must focus on the scalability of business models, not just blind expansion.
Error three: user experience equals delivery, after-sales service
Many furniture companies that conduct e-commerce marketing believe that the customer experience is completed by the distribution and after-sales customer service that has direct contact with the customer. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. The customer experience contains a lot of content, not just After delivery and after-sales, the customer experience also involves the richness of the goods, the sales price, the timeliness of delivery, the advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service, the simplicity and ease of use of the system and user interface, and so on. Therefore, for the furniture company, it is not a one-time process to do a good customer experience. It is a long-term process and must be started from scratch.
In general, the emergence of e-commerce is a good development opportunity for furniture companies. However, furniture companies need to be cautious when developing e-commerce, and do not enter the misunderstanding of e-commerce.

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