Demystifying why the US 3D printing industry is always at the forefront of the world

American 3D companies always occupy a leading position in the global 3D printing field, and they are also the most powerful in the "touting" of 3D printing. In his State of the Union speech last year, US President Barack Obama emphasized that "3D printing technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we manufacture almost all products."

The United States is the main driver of 3D printing technology. The main reason is that the United States regards networked manufacturing as its core competitiveness, and 3D printing technology is a key supporting technology for networked manufacturing in the United States. The US government's promotion of 3D printing technology is mainly reflected in the national strategic level, roadmap, research plan and implementation.

At the national strategic level, in 2011, President Obama introduced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Program (AMP). In February 2012, the National Science and Technology Commission released the National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing. In March 2012, Obama Also announced the implementation of the $1 billion National Manufacturing Innovation Network Program (NNMI), in which the addition of manufacturing technology is listed as one of the most critical manufacturing technologies in the United States in the future. In August 2012, as part of the NNMI program, Obama announced that the federal government has invested $30 million to establish the National Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII), plus a $40 million support from the local state government for a total investment of $70 million. In essence, it is a public-private partnership composed of members of industry, academia and research. It is committed to the development of manufacturing technologies and products and maintains its leading position in the United States.

At the roadmap level, the United States released the roadmap for adding manufacturing technologies twice in 1998 and 2009 respectively. At the 2009 Additive Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Workshop, the key recommendations were to establish the National Test Bed Center (NTBC) to inspire future developments in equipment and human resources in the field and showcase manufacturing. Research concept.

At the implementation level, based on the 2009 roadmap, the North American Welding and Materials Integration Engineering Technology Leadership Organization, the Edison Welding Institute (EWI), established the Additive Manufacturing Alliance (AMC) to add manufacturing organizations in the United States. Establish important partnerships. AMC currently has at least 33 corporate members and cooperative organizations involved in production, learning, research, and government agencies. AMC's main goal is to increase the maturity of additive manufacturing technologies and to promote funding for additive manufacturing technologies based on the state, moving them from the current emerging technology level to the mainstream manufacturing technology level.

In addition, in 2009 and 2010, the US Air Force and the Navy held separate mission-oriented add-on manufacturing technology seminars. In 2011, the Materials and Process Engineering Promotion Association (SAMPE) also held a multi-participation workshop focusing on direct parts manufacturing. In February 2012, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Science and Technology Information Committee collaborated on a seminar on adding manufacturing technologies to discuss the latest developments in the technology. The American Society of Manufacturing Engineers organizes RAPID conferences and exhibitions for the corporate world, and the annual Solid Mold Free Molding Symposium organized by the University of Texas is primarily for the academic community. It can be seen that all stakeholders in the United States are actively promoting the implementation of 3D printing technology policies.

The development of a technology is inseparable from the encouragement of the national government. Therefore, in this respect, it is worth learning from.


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