3D printing guns renewed controversy: PLA material bullets successfully tested

None of the many applications of 3D printing technology is more controversial than its application in guns. But so far, the focus of attention is still on the 3D printing gun itself - this undetectable plastic weapon is dangerous for both the gunman and the people around him - not the bullets it uses. “This (referring to 3D printed bullets) is a less controversial issue because it is more or less always used with metal materials and is therefore easily detected by the instrument. So, can they be printed in 3D? Now, a new one The video clearly answers this question: Yes, they can.

In a video posted on the web, two enthusiasts, Jeff and Darren, tested their 3D-printed shotgun bullets. These 3D printed bullets use PLA material, specifically bronze material, which is much thicker than plastic bullets, and of course better performance, enough to pass the barrel of a shotgun at high speed. However, this is not complete. In order to make their launch performance better, the two guys added some twists to their shotguns, which added some spin stability and accuracy to the bullets.

They also developed many different bullets and tested two of them, a 70-caliber, almost two inches long and weighing about 21 grams - obviously heavier than a plastic bullet, it was loaded with 12 calibers. The bullet shells, it seems that these guys are quite expecting their power - and the results are true; they also tested a 3D printed bullet called "superdart", which added some 3D printed fillers. Make it easier to pass through the barrel. However, from the test results, the shell is quite unstable in the air, but the effect is not bad, and finally its shrapnel is embedded in a piece of wood.

Therefore, the test results are obvious: ammunition can also be printed in 3D, which gives more choices to those who want to be able to customize their bullets. 3D printing technology makes bullet making easier. "It's terrible." Jeff said after seeing the result: "To be honest, I didn't expect these bullets to fall apart in several rounds of testing. The G-shock acceleration after the shotguns popped out would put considerable pressure. We were all surprised that every bullet that Darren shot hit the target."

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