Sustainability of data centers changes with business

A series of global changes in the financial crisis, economic globalization, environment and climate change, and urbanization have made the living environment of contemporary enterprises more complex and changeable. In a world that is changing at this moment, especially when it has just been baptized by the subprime mortgage crisis that has swept the world, every company is more deeply aware that as the business continues to expand, it must strengthen its IT resilience and reduce operating costs. , Close to business needs. And the construction of data center as an important part of enterprise IT management is no exception.

From "green" to "sustainable"

The experience of modern data center construction is very rich. However, the challenges faced by CIOs have not only decreased, but have become more complicated: the energy consumption of data centers is increasing day by day, the cost of electricity is increasing, the space is getting narrower, and IT maintenance is more complicated and the cost increases ... The topic of building a green data center has also become more popular. But what is a green data center that meets the needs of modern data centers and enterprise business development?

In the past, the terms "sustainability" and "data center" were arrogant. Although the concept of "green" has become popular in recent years, many CIOs still think that energy-saving equipment is used to save energy and reduce emissions-reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving costs. In fact, building a more sustainable and green data center environment is closely related to the development strategy of the entire enterprise. In addition to the configuration of green energy-saving equipment, it is even more important to manage these equipment and to contribute to energy reuse, enterprise operation optimization, and improved business capabilities.

As the professional IT department of the world's largest industrial giant, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group provides such an answer: Innovative green data centers, not only can save money, but will maintain business sustainability, IT can Sustained development, that is, the use of resources to provide services in an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and economical manner, is the core of work for companies to continuously improve productivity and work efficiency. The innovative data center under this new concept will design and operate the data center with a breakthrough strategy to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the enterprise.

The ideal state of a sustainable data center

When building a green data center, there are many technologies and methods that can be used to achieve sustainability and solve the energy and cost problems that plague CIOs. For example, virtualization technology is a popular method of integrating underutilized IT resources such as servers, storage, and input / output networks to free up more floor space, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the need for cooling. All of these will reduce costs.

High electricity bills have become a bottleneck hindering the construction of many enterprise data centers. At the same time, the efficiency of power supply is generally only 60% -70%. Therefore, companies must begin to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency to meet growing business needs. If the efficiency of the processor has been reduced before the power supply is obtained, it is meaningless to increase the efficiency of the processor. Generally, the servers in an enterprise can only reach 15% to 30% of the system's processing capacity, and most of the server load is below 40%. Most of the server's processing capacity is not utilized, and the return on IT investment is low.

Heat dissipation accounts for most of the energy consumption in the data center. The application of new cooling methods has therefore become increasingly important, it can greatly improve the efficiency of energy use, energy saving and energy consumption, and ensure the perfect running state of the server ...

All in all, a green and sustainable data center needs to meet many seemingly high conditions:

It is flexible, scalable, responsive, and self-healing.

It can flexibly and quickly adapt to business changes and technological improvements.

It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-saving, and makes IT maintenance convenient and easy.

It is highly efficient and automated, can assist enterprises to increase productivity, and can resist various internal and external security threats.

Can such an energy-efficient, green and efficient data center be achieved?

The answer is yes.

Three core architecture innovative data center solutions

The Siemens Regional Data Center, which opened in Beijing in May 2008, is the best example of an innovative data center. The data center was put into use in Beijing in April 2008. It takes the concept of "achieving IT sustainable development" as the goal of its own data center construction, combines economic and ecological benefits, and pursues sustainable business development.

Zhang Zhiguo, head of data center and infrastructure at Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group, told reporters that Siemens Beijing Data Center has been planning and designing as a source of green and energy saving from the beginning of planning, throughout the entire data center life cycle, and There is a complete solution in operation. According to reports, the use of virtualization and integration technologies in the Siemens Beijing Data Center has reduced storage requirements by 60%, increased server efficiency by 50%, and reduced power consumption by 37%, making PUE (Energy Utilization Efficiency) currently 1.72. Reduced operation and maintenance costs.

From the application of virtual technology, water cooling system, to the gradual implementation of optimization services, the Siemens Beijing Data Center embodies new concepts and methods of continuous innovation and cost maximization optimization, and also provides best practices for other users.

From construction to security, from energy to water management, from building technology to communications and business traffic, the innovative data center strategy is conceived from a broader multi-architecture level. Its innovative data center solution contains three core components-active energy management, virtual enterprise computing and IT automation.

Active energy management includes efficient power supply and cooling, power management, and best practices for rack layout, cabinet layout, and environmental control. So that when dealing with all aspects of data center operations, managers can facilitate more efficient space planning and monitor peak energy consumption. In order to provide a better data center design, minimize the recirculation of hot and cold air, and eliminate potential cooling issues, the Siemens Beijing Data Center uses an advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model. Using the CFD model can avoid mistakes and provide the best solution to save energy, capital and operating costs.

In the Siemens Beijing Data Center, the application of virtualization technology cannot be said to be unimportant. The data center uses virtualization technology to integrate servers and applications. There are often many underutilized servers in the data center. Using virtualization technology, you can achieve substantial energy savings and / or productivity gains with only a small increase in energy consumption, or no increase at all.

In addition to achieving energy savings, virtualization technology can accelerate business services. By setting a virtual template for a common server configuration, deploying a "server" is much faster than installing an operating system and applications on a metal server platform, and even more so than installing applications on a server platform that already has an operating system installed and a basic configuration loaded fast. In addition, virtualization technology can save energy and costs, increase computing throughput, reduce space occupation, and promote load transfer and disaster recovery.

"The implementation of virtual technology has enabled Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group to reduce its IT costs by 30%." Zhang Zhiguo concluded. "In the future, we will continue to strengthen the application of virtualization technology."

The third pillar of an innovative data center is IT automation. Siemens data center IT automation uses a unified standard, including IT infrastructure library (ITIL) and IT service management (ITSM). From the comprehensive management of IT processes involving implementation to document management, IT automation solutions focus on process implementation and management, including from incident, problem, configuration, change, release management, to service level, finance, continuity, availability and capacity The problem.

At the same time, according to reports, Siemens Beijing Data Center began to consider the future of green energy conservation in the planning and design stage. In the layout of the computer room, the Siemens Beijing Data Center has set up an independent thermal zone, uses an independent cooling system, uses a lot of environmentally friendly construction materials, and greatly reduces the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the computer room is isolated from the outside environment, and an optimized hot and cold aisle design is adopted. The arrangement direction of each row of cabinets should be opposite to the front of the server, and the rear of each row of cabinets should also be arranged to face each other, forming a unique "hot and cold aisle". "The layout greatly reduces energy consumption and extends the life of the server.

Overhead wiring and unobstructed air-cooled aisles under the 1-meter raised floor unify the air pressure of the entire data center, eliminate cable barriers, and save more energy. At present, the height under the floor of the general data center in China is about 50 cm.

This is Siemens' innovative sustainable data center. Since it was put into use in 2008, in the past two years, after continuous optimization and improvement, the PUE value has continued to decline, and the cost of energy consumption has continued to decrease. At the same time, Siemens' own business development has been better maintained and strengthened. The Siemens Beijing Data Center has also summarized and refined more green data center solutions from its own "best practices". Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group is happy to share its achievements with more CIOs, "I hope our experience can help today's enterprises achieve their strategic goals faster and more effectively in the process of optimizing and transforming their data centers. Said Zhang Zhiguo.

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