Bohai University College of Applied Technology establishes a series of entrepreneurship training platforms

In order to cultivate students' practical ability and enhance students' employment and entrepreneurial competitiveness, the College of Applied Technology has established a series of college students' entrepreneurship and training platforms, which will be officially launched a few days ago.

Entrepreneurship Training Platform of College of Applied Technology——Boda Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Starting from the training goal of higher vocational education, the College of Applied Technology adheres to the educational concept of “the zero-distance docking of students’ abilities and social needs ”, scientifically and rationally design talent training programs, highlights students’ abilities, and actively builds a platform for entrepreneurship and training for students The university student entrepreneurship incubation base co-founded four entrepreneurship training platforms including Boda Technology Development Co., Ltd., college student entrepreneurship online mall, romantic full-store-type business training laboratory, and School Media (Jinzhou) Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneurship Training Platform of College of Applied Technology-Business Training Lab

The establishment of the entrepreneurial training platform is conducive to the practical training of the students ’professional skills, market development capabilities, management and management capabilities, and it is also conducive to the promotion of teaching research and reform. Useful exploration.

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