Introduction to the main ways of printing barcode labels

There are two common ways of printing with barcode printers and software with laser printers. 1. Print with barcode printer: The barcode printer printing method is a traditional barcode printing method. The bar code printer is a kind of special equipment, generally has the thermal type and the thermal transfer type printing method, uses the special label paper and the carbon ribbon. Barcode printers have fast printing speeds, can print special materials (PVC, etc.), and can be extended with external cutters for functional expansion. However, they are expensive and complicated to use and maintain. They are suitable for professional users who need to make a large number of labels. Currently used brands are DATAMAX, ZEBRA, CLEVER, etc. 2. Use barcode label design and printing software and laser printer to print: using ordinary printers with special barcode label design and printing software is another way to make barcode labels. This method can realize one machine for multiple uses, and the laser printer has high precision, strong graphic expression ability, and can print color labels.

But its printing speed is slow, and there are few printable materials. The main barcode printing software includes Label matrix CODESOFT, BARONE, and Keisei Label Software (JCDL). According to the above comparison, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different occasions: where a large number of labels need to be printed, especially factories need to print a large amount in a short time and special labels (such as PVC materials, waterproof materials), Barcode printers should be selected where you need to use ready-to-use (such as ticket office, etc.). In places where the printing volume of labels is small and most of them are printed at one time (such as libraries), the laser printing method should be selected. In some small shopping malls, small factories and other places, both options are available. That is to say, if you often print labels in large quantities, or have special requirements for labels, and your financial resources allow, you should choose a barcode printer; if your label printing volume is not large, and you do not want to spend too much financially, you Laser printer should be selected. The use of software and laser printing can not only meet your needs for barcode label printing, but also use it to make business cards, badges, etc.

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