A variety of power supplies from Germany

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They, the flagship product of the power supply, must have a suitable for you!

Multifunctional operation is simple and compact. Unparalleled cost-effective safety and reliability: electrical isolation, random grounding, superior serial and parallel mode for overload and short circuit protection, improved voltage or current output capability, unique electronic insurance function, and all channels can be closed at the same time

Through the intelligent power manager, achieve 188W and 384W output low resident ripple: <150μVrms, using linear post adjuster High setting and readback resolution: 1mV / 0.1mA Tracking through V / I, with excellent series and parallel connection Operation, all output current isolation and ground All parameters are clearly displayed: LCD / blinking button is standard equipped with USB and RS232 interface, optional network port / USB or IEE-488 interface EasyArb function, V / I characteristics can be arbitrarily defined Combine all outputs to arbitrarily adjust overvoltage protection (OVP) All channels can be connected to the rear panel, including the compensation function of the resistance of the lead wire. The rear panel output can be easily integrated with the ATE racking system

HMP2020: 32V / 10A all the way, 5.5V / 5A all the way
HMP2030: two channels 32V / 5A, one channel 5.5V / 5A
HMP4030: three 32V / 10A outputs HMP4040: four 32V / 10A outputs

â—† HAMEG more power supply for your choice:

HM8143 Arbitrary wave all-round power supply, achieve the effect of DC source analyzer (2 channels 0 ~ 32V / 0 ~ 2A, 1 channel 5V / 2A)
Multifunctional power analysis instrument, buying one is equivalent to buying five kinds of equipment: programmable DC power supply, arbitrary waveform generator, modulation power amplifier, electronic load, bipolar power supply HM7044 four high-performance programmable DC power supply (4 0 ~ 32V / 0 ~ 3A)
General-purpose high-precision equipment, excellent voltage and current stability, programmable current limit function, electronic fuse protection 5.5V / 0 ~ 5A)
Low ripple, high efficiency, economical and affordable. It can replace many DC standard power supplies and use HM8043-3 three-output modular DC power supply (2 0 ~ 20V / 0 ~ 0.5A, 1 5V / 1A)
Three sets of independent output, low ripple, good voltage stability, with current limiting function and current fuse protection function
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