Fully automatic isothermal calorimeter adopts standard

HW-8000 automatic isothermal calorimeter adopts standard

GB/T 213-2008 "Method for determination of calorific value of coal"
GB/T 483-2007 "General Rules for Coal Analysis Test Methods"
JC/T 1005-2006 "Determination method of calorific value of cement black raw materials"
GB/T 384-1981 "Method for determination of calorific value of petroleum products"
D5865-REVA-2007 "Method for determination of calorific value of coal and coke"
GJB 5891.29-2006 "Test methods for pyrotechnics" - Part 29

HW-8000 automatic isothermal calorimeter performance characteristics
1. Strong resistance to external temperature interference, and the test results are stable, accurate and precise.
1 Compressor refrigeration and special heating device to achieve stable outer bucket isothermal water environment, temperature control accuracy meets the national standard 7.1.4 (±0.1K).
2 Unique second-generation insulation design minimizes the heat exchange rate between the main barrel and the outside world.
3 The internal water level automatic balance device ensures the consistency of the water volume in the barrel during each experiment.
2. Optimize the design so that the system test results are accurate, true, stable, and can be manually recalculated.
1 The first test data is true and reliable, and can be tested continuously for 24 hours.
2 No software correction, all data is true and objective, and the process data is easy to manually recalculate.
3 Unique water circulation system to ensure that the water temperature difference at each point meets the national standard (±0.1 °C).
4 The test speed is fast, and the complete test time of a single sample is ≤13min.
3, intelligent control, easy to operate.
1 Adopt embedded microcomputer system, strong anti-interference ability and fast calculation speed.
2 The water temperature of the main barrel can be set arbitrarily, which is suitable for different temperature requirements.
3 Touch screen operation combined with keyboard and mouse, intuitive and simple operation.
4 Using CAN bus control technology, one machine can achieve multiple control, and the test does not affect each other.
4, friendly interface, powerful data processing, report statistics and printing functions, can achieve a variety of base conversion and manual recalculation.

HW-8000 automatic isothermal calorimeter technical parameters
1. Heat capacity precision: ≤0.1%
2. Calorimeter measurement time: ≤13 (min)
3, temperature resolution: 0.0001 (°C)
4, the main barrel temperature control accuracy: ± 0.05 (°C)
5, the power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
6, the host size (mm): 820 × 520 × 470
7, the host weight: 40Kg

Key Technology and Innovation of HW-8000 Automatic Isothermal Calorimeter
1. The patented oxygen bomb is required for the testing of pyrotechnics, which solves the technical problem that ordinary oxygen bombs cannot test pyrotechnics.
2. Take the lead in applying the principle of siphon to the water level balance to solve the defect of inaccurate positioning of the water level probe to ensure long-term stability of its heat capacity.
3. Solve the technical problem of temperature drift of the temperature control line part (main board) due to environmental temperature changes.
4, with a visual liquid level meter, always grasp the progress of adding water and long-term experimental work to replenish the instrument.
5. Connect with the electronic balance and automatically read the sample weight to avoid human input errors.

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