How about Kohler bathroom cabinet

With nearly 140 years of history, Kohler Sanitary Ware has been recognized by consumers with impeccable superior quality, industry-leading research and development technology, and excellence in manufacturing processes, and it has become a rare century-old sanitary ware brand in the world today. Kohler bathroom cabinet is also a bathroom furniture product of Kohler, but it is not conspicuous on Kohler, a behemoth. Therefore, the consumption of Kohler bathroom cabinet is relatively small. The following editor will introduce how to Kohler bathroom cabinet and Kohler bathroom cabinet quotation table. .

â—† How about Kohler bathroom cabinet?

1 Overview of Kohler bathroom cabinets


Kohler bathroom cabinets mainly have two series: neoclassicism and modernism. Kohler neoclassical bathroom cabinets include Patty-New Rococo style, Sistine-American country style, Man Shi-Southeast Asian style, Aper-Simple British style, Angel-Rural style, Yaqi-Classic and fashion series products ; And Kohler modernist bathroom cabinets include Vicope series, Ove series, Palid series, Lei Shuer upgraded version of POP and other products.

2 Features of Kohler bathroom cabinets


(1) Features of Kohler neoclassical bathroom cabinets

â‘ , Kohler bathroom cabinet has the reputation of "heirloom";

â‘¡, Kohler bathroom cabinets use high-quality base materials, unique technology, specially designed for the bathroom;

â‘¢, Kohler bathroom cabinet adopts the top imported hardware accessories from Europe;

â‘£, Kohler bathroom cabinet has an excellent load-bearing structure, multi-functional storage space;

⑤, Kohler integrated cast iron washbasin, accompanied by life;

â‘¥ The cabinet body of Kohler bathroom is made of carefully selected solid wood material to create outstanding detail experience;

⑦, Kohler bathroom cabinet has a diversified design style and rich product positioning.

( 2 ) Features of Kohler Modernism Bathroom Cabinet

â‘ , Kohler modernism bathroom cabinets are equipped with integrated washbasins, which are seamless with the cabinets, easy to clean, meet consumers' needs for integrated washbasins, and are in line with market trends;

â‘¡, Kohler bathroom cabinet uses a unique curved handle, with a white matt paint plate, the smooth lines reflect the unique French design, highlighting the unique taste;

â‘¢, Kohler bathroom cabinet has extra large storage space, and the double basin cabinet has a compact stretch drawer design, which is convenient for storing various daily necessities, creating a neat and orderly bathroom environment for you.

â—† Quotation form for Kohler bathroom cabinet

According to the market quotation information of Kohler bathroom cabinets, the prices of Kohler bathroom cabinets are generally above 1,000 yuan and below 3,000 yuan, and there are a few products whose prices are below 1,000 yuan and above 3,000 yuan. The following will share some price information of Kohler bathroom cabinets, as follows:

Kohler bathroom cabinet price list model specifications (㎜) countertop price (yuan) Sile K-15227T790 * 395 * 460 artificial stone countertop 1890.00 Yaqi K-2449T-F2584 * 476 * 833 integrated ceramic basin 2639.00 Lei Shuer K-15405T- FH1050 * 550 * 60 one-piece ceramic basin 1939.00 Kaidi K-12117T-F61570 * 458 * 470 one-piece ceramic basin 1898.00 Ruiqi K-14333T-0660 * 483 * 510 one-piece ceramic basin 2580.00 Man Shi K-2394T-8CM-F10955 * 563 * 850 integrated ceramic basin

The quality of Kohler bathroom cabinets is trustworthy. Since Kohler's entry into China, the products launched are all praised by consumers. Kohler bathroom cabinets also inherit the excellent quality of Kohler sanitary ware and furniture products. For information about Kohler bathroom cabinets and quotations for Kohler bathroom cabinets, I will introduce you here. The above information is for reference only!

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