Five-step eye massage to help you remove dark circles

People nowadays have a lot of stress in their lives and work. These are the reasons why we have dark circles . Every morning, when I go to work with two panda eyes, I feel that I have no spirit. It is time to change my way. Today, Xiaobian brings you five-step eye massage exercises to help you remove dark circles !

Five-step eye massage to help you remove dark circles

Gesture preparation: scissors hand

As much as possible when massaging the eye

Massage TIPS

1. The skin of the eye is thinner, the movements such as blinking are more, and the subcutaneous tissue is less, so it is easy to form problems such as fine lines and dark circles. Therefore, many skin doctors recommend reducing the eyesight and massaging the eye as much as possible. So as not to pull the skin, deepen the fine lines!

2, usually go out on time, not necessarily every day morning and evening also have time for eye massage, but the method of applying eye cream can not be sloppy, the cream should also be applied to the skin around the eyes, otherwise it will easily form dark particles .


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