3D printing team focuses on cheap toys

3D printing team focuses on cheap toys

3D printing team focuses on cheap toys

Not everyone can have a child who wants to have a bad childhood. I believe most people have had the experience of watching a toy drooling. There is a group of engineers and artists gathered to meet the wishes of the children. The newly formed E-nabling The Future team is very interesting. They focus on creating beautiful and practical toys for children who don't have the money to buy their favorite toys. The first work is this "Wolverine Claw" toy.

Whether it's compared to the movie or the work of the DIY god, this "Wolf Wolf claw" is inferior. After all, it is only made quickly with a 3D printer, but it looks like it has a prominent color and can be painted with metallic silver. The "claw", you can't say that it doesn't matter. At least, it is enough to ask the children to be happy.

Since so many talents have gathered, E-nabling The Future will definitely continue to launch similar toy works in the future. Hope that as the process improves, their products will become more and more refined.

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