AgencyGlass Smart Glasses

[Smart glasses] You may be overwhelmed by tedious routine meetings, but it's not a good thing to be caught by your boss. The University of Tsukuba, Japan, Dr. Takahiro Taro invented the Agency Glass to save the world. The smart glasses have computing power and Bluetooth, and they also carry two OLED displays. The two displays can show some eye expressions, and the built-in gyroscope can control the display eyes to be consistent with the face of your head.
Its built-in camera tracks the facial expressions of the people around you so that you can maintain courtesy and eye contact.
AgencyGlass can reduce your emotional labor, keep your virtual eyes charming and open-minded, and you can hide behind to plan your global acquisition.
All this sounds like a fool, Dr. Ozawa acknowledged this. However, he also gave several examples showing that this technique is useful in some situations. For example, the stewardess, although they have encountered unpleasant passengers and unsuccessful flights, they must also maintain a cheerful expression. She can use AgencyGlass to do this.
Of course, Dr. Ozawa stated that the true potential of this technology is that it can help users secretly fight in the office. Obviously, this is a secret war.
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