Solid wood furniture concept more faint consumers

Solid wood furniture concept more faint consumers

In recent years, solid wood furniture has been favored by the market for its natural, environmentally friendly, durable and durable features. However, the reporter visited the major furniture markets and found that all kinds of solid wood furniture in the market are mixed, and the prices of solid wood furniture of different grades are also very different. What are the purchases of solid wood furniture? How can we avoid the business trap?

"Pure solid wood furniture" is a flicker

Go to the solid wood furniture market, you can see a lot of assorted OEMs posted by the merchants, such as "pure solid wood", "all solid wood", "imitation wood", "solid wood skin" and so on. In fact, according to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, "pure solid wood furniture" is a barrier to the business, and there is no such reference in the national standards; It is not a kind of "solid wood furniture", but the "comprehensive wood furniture" stipulated in the standard. Even if the merchant claims that the solid wood can account for 60%~70%, it cannot be called solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture also has excessive formaldehyde

It is reported that the formaldehyde contained in the decoration and furniture has a release period of 3 to 15 years. Although many furniture companies are slogans of environmental protection and low carbon, they can really do very little.

Many solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood, but the main frame of the furniture is pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawers, partitions and other parts are made of composite plates. This plate contains a certain amount of glue and is also the hiding place where formaldehyde is most concentrated. Therefore, if the choice is not appropriate, the so-called solid wood furniture will also have the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde.

Tips to identify solid wood furniture

Wood is a natural thing. If a piece of furniture repeatedly has the same texture of wood, it is mostly imitation wood furniture with melamine paper. The solid wood furniture surface can generally see the real texture of the wood, occasionally a tree knot, and this texture penetrates the entire board.

Wood has its own special taste, such as pine rosin, cedar has a light fragrance, cedar has a spicy taste. But now many domestic woods have no odor, and wood-based panels have a strong chemical smell, such as formaldehyde.

The sound of the soft wooden piece by hand is relatively crisp, while the sound of the artificial board is low, and the wooden piece of the box even makes a loud drum sound.

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