Kyushu Space Explains Campus Security Door Installation System

Kyushu Space Explains Campus Security Door Installation System

Campus security door installation system; school safety naturally leads other areas; daily schooling, school time, in important sections, public security departments to strengthen patrol, is almost a common means. Such measures will of course have a very good effect on the murderers; in addition, like the Shanghai Public Security Department set up a campus security detachment, send full-time school police to the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, set up security gates at the school gate to prevent weapons and dangerous goods. If you enter the school, you can learn from it. The cruelty of the murderers and the atrocities of the atrocities have made the campus security more and more important to the attention of the society and the government, and the campus security has risen to the height of the country.
Only the school that is the first subject of responsibility truly puts campus safety at the top of the list to prevent it, and the murderers have no security holes to drill. Because of the concentrated outbreak of malignant cases, it is certainly necessary to pay the highest attention to campus safety. The problem is that campus security cannot be reduced to a staged movement. It cannot be gradually faded away as time goes by, and even reverts to the previous disorder. status. Campus security is focused on perseverance, and it is important to establish a long-term mechanism. However, the pure land of the campus is expected to be truly safe. In addition, it is not difficult to see that the current strengthening of campus security is mainly aimed at urban schools, and most rural schools are still outside the perspective of concern. However, compared with urban schools, the safety of rural schools is actually much more. In the absence of more powerful attention from the government, no one can guarantee that it will not be the target of murder. Moreover, in addition to the bloody case, more daily campus security risks are also threatening the safety of children in rural schools. In a nutshell, campus security, hardware, software and long-term effects can not be lacking; campus security, urban schools, rural schools, one can not be less.
The reason why the culprit chose the campus as his place to retaliate against the society, in addition to the relative weakness of the students, is also an important reason for the long-term lack of campus security. In response to these shortcomings, various localities have introduced emergency measures. However, these measures belong to the “hardware” configuration in campus security. The main function lies in the pre-existing shock and after-the-fact uniforms. To prevent the blood from happening on campus, the “software” improvement focusing on the details of the system is also crucial. For example, the establishment of a strict student transfer system and the entry and exit registration system for outsiders prohibits the public from entering the campus casually, improving the surrounding monitoring system of the school and discovering abnormal personnel in time.

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