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Editor's note: Overpacking is a problem faced by the liquor industry. How do you look at the problem of excessive packaging and how to assess whether the packaging is excessive?

Is packaging good or simple? Should not be one-sided to emphasize a certain aspect, the brand's practical is the last word! For ultra-high-end liquors, the use of bronze packaging like the Shuijingfang Collection is not excessive. For a low-priced product, a gold card can also express the brand value.

Luxury, simplicity is not fixed, practical is good

Wen Li Dongfeng
In 2005, the degree of rationality of liquor consumers has changed from quantitative accumulation to qualitative change. This deep-seated trend can be appreciated from the large-scale sales of famous wines, two wines, and once-strong regional brands. The most obvious is the rising volume of Luzhou Laojiao Special Music in 50 cities, and the recovery of Jinsong cards in the five northwestern provinces. The commonality of the two is that they did not make hype in the media.

So, should packaging design conform to this trend, filter out the hustle and bustle and return to naiveism? Not necessarily, hawks believe that should not be out of pragmatism and prominent emphasis on simplicity or luxury. We always believe that packaging is the carrier of brand culture and is the visual representation of the brand's core values. It needs to understand the needs of consumers and build on the overall model of brand positioning. It is not simply an implementation of a certain creative idea, but it cannot be based on its own. Subjective consciousness is designed to be packaged for packaging.

Commercial design is not a purely artistic design. Its purpose is to make profits. It is to sell products to the target consumer group with the highest premium in the largest range. This is the pragmatic principle of packaging. The length of profit here needs to be taken into consideration: first, tactical profit, ie, sales, and second, strategic profit, which is the added value of the brand. Companies that want to achieve a hundred-year brand must have both. If you are partial to waste, you will fall into a situation of quick success or low income.

This way of thinking incorporates packaging into a system for consideration, so when choosing a package that is simple or luxurious, it must be based on the strategic positioning of the company or brand and must not be deviated. Of course, the basis of this topic is that a company must be persistent in its goal of establishing a brand of 100 years. If the company is still struggling to survive, his strategy is to survive.

Although this is a long-standing and simple point of view, it is just a matter of fact. Jinliufu 08 classic, packaging image is simple and exquisite, but the core of Jinliufu is the Fu culture, is the popular civilian culture, so Jinliufu has always been the price of mid-range public, suddenly made the Olympic Games a gimmick, people puzzling. What is the Olympic Games? What is a classic? What is Jinliufu? There is no logical connection between the three is very easy to understand, from the brand's temperament even conflict. Does Jinliufu really need to extend this way?

There is also the XX burning pot of wine, it has not been clear what the relationship with the Royal Qing Dynasty, but the packaging is extremely gorgeous and grace. I don't think that the Royal Family will use the name of a pot that is similar to folk slang as a tribute. If there is any, it will definitely use the royal family name. If this wine really has its roots in the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, then it should spread. If you only want to show the high-end products, in addition to the royal aristocracy and pearl, there are actually many visual languages.

How to design packaging, there is no model, there is no constraint, but there is a core, is the core of brand value, what do you want to say to the target audience? There is also a practical principle. For ultra-high-end liquors, the use of bronze packaging like the Shuijingfang Collection is not excessive. For a low-priced product, a gold card can also represent the brand value. Short-term cost control does not need to be reminded to know, but long-term accumulation of brand value should be seriously considered. This problem is not just on the packaging, but covers almost every aspect of the industry.

(The author is the strategic director of Shenzhen Hawker Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.)

Excessive packaging causes liquor into a vicious cycle. The utilitarian environment makes liquor difficult to extricate. Inheriting and promoting regional cultural characteristics is the direction of white wine breakthrough, and it is also a huge business opportunity for regional liquor.

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