One of the factors that affect the UV ink dry speed

Known as the first ink, and over-proclaimed "non-polluting, fast-lighting, energy-efficient" UV-curable ink - referred to as UV ink. The ink has been in existence for 30 years. When people talk about their characteristics, they will always beautify their advantages and seldom blame them (such as cleaning, removing ink, and not reusing multiplexing). After focusing on this issue, the author visited several packaging printers in the north and south of the country, and summarized them as the top ten factors that affect the UV ink drying speed. It is very necessary for the packaging and printing industry colleagues to re-discuss and re-communicate to compensate for the printing process. Ten major flaws. Uncovering the "red hijab" of light-curing packaging printing inks, let us analyze the article one by one.

1 ink inhaled moisture

Naturally inhaled moisture, mostly caused by environmental humidity during storage and use, especially in workshops and warehouses. It is also artificial, such as the use of screen printing, offset printing ink, and then forget to cover it or intentionally injected water to prevent dry crust and added. The purpose is to use the water to separate the oxygen in the air and prevent the crust from drying out. Do you not know that this product is almost never cured and dried without ultraviolet radiation.

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