Multi-casing multiple-sealing packaging

Kraft Foods has introduced a new, patent-pending Snack n Seal small food packaging technology for its multi-bread cookie packaging. The new package uses a re-sealable component on top, designed specifically to help preserve the dessert for a long period of time after the package has been opened, and is also easy to close.

This dessert bag looks very similar to the original cookie bag, but most of the top is die-cut, and the rest of the die-cut area is resealed with a transparent plastic film on the back with a transparent plastic film. It overlaps about 1/2 inch with this area on the side and the end that will be pulled apart and overlaps with another permanently attached end by about 1 inch. The top of the seal can be pulled apart with a small label that is not sticky and extends from the end of the transparent plastic seal. When the seal is formed, the overlapping transparent layers will adhere to the surrounding film.

An interesting feature of this package is that it includes two narrow strips on the main body package, one on each side of the seal that will be pulled apart, and when the seal is pulled apart, the strip is attached to the transparent film to provide a security mark . When eating, people simply pull back the top of the package and open the package, take out the dessert to eat, and then press the top of the package to seal the package and set it aside.

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