Muztag’s Jackets

Product official introduction:

This section of clothing using the international advanced TPS production process, produced by 198 procedures Seiko.

Blocks are more waisted and longer backswings are designed.

Adjustable hem prevents cold air from entering.

Stereo cut 3D preformed elbows so you can move freely.

Front pocket hidden camera pocket, easy access; zippered document pocket.

High-capacity front lower pocket adopts YKK waterproof zipper with digital cutting technology to form a seamless press. Align the double pull tab under the zipper design, easy to adjust.

The YKK WatertightTM polyester zipper is used for the placket and the underside pocket.

Long handle handle, easy to use with gloves.

One-piece helmet can be used to design the hat, rubber edge pressure enhanced. One-handed hat adjustment system can get the maximum field of view.

PAIHO punch cutting does not scratch hair Velcro.

High-frequency use of long-life DURAFLEX fasteners.

The seam position is strongly glued. Three-layer high-density DENTIK-II POLYAMIDE wear-resistant polyester fabric, 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof.

Product tester comments:

1. Jacket waterproof zipper design

"Muztag" Jackets are made of YKK metal copper zippers. Each zipper is equipped with a "slip-resistant drawstring" made of nylon drawstrings and rubber strips. The length of the drawstring is just right, and even if it is winter, it can be easily handled with gloves. In order to effectively wick perspiration, the jacket is also designed with a breathable zipper zipper under the armour that is most likely to infiltrate sweat during exercise. All the zippers of the whole outfit have been carefully waterproofed, and they are completely protected against heavy rain. Different from the waterproof zipper with “flat end” in the ordinary jacket, the “Muztag” jacket is designed to “close the inside of the arc” at the end of the waterproof zipper—the waterproof that will be most easily exposed to water and exposed to cracks. The closing part of the zipper is safely and ingeniously sealed into a circular-arc shaped closing end. According to the well-known mechanics principle, the circular spigot is definitely more durable than the rectangular spigot, and it can break up the tearing force. It is like the bicycle's tying rubber sheet is round and not rectangular. In fact, many waterproof zippers of Jackets are cracked when they start from the end. The waterproof zipper design of the “Mustartag” jacket is professionally considered this detail. A similar waterproof zipper end treatment can be seen on Jackets of international brands such as ARC, TNF, and VAUDE.

"Muztag" outdoor clothing, whether it is the evaluation of fleece or jacket series, have followed the "Muztag" unique 3D prefabricated design. General outdoor clothing in the cutting process, too much in accordance with the traditional molding mode, pay attention to style pay attention to fashion. In addition to style and fashion, outdoor clothing should also take into account the range of joint motion that outdoor wearers climb through. This is why some outdoor clothing allows the wearer to use it, often feeling that "the shoulder is lifted when the clothes are pulled," or the arm is stretched and flipped when the "elbow not open" ... ... and so on . "Muztag"'s 3D prefabrication technology, while paying attention to the style of clothing, leaves enough room for the details to be manipulated during the sport. The clothes are more personal, which also eliminates the constraints of traditional outdoor clothing on high-intensity outdoor sports.

2. Fabric selection and fleece neckline design

"Muztag" uses three layers of DENTIK waterproof breathable fabrics. As can be seen from the inside of the hot-pressed adhesive strips, in order to increase the water-proof index, the width of each strip has reached the DENTIK standard of 20mm. At the intersection of the hot-pressed glue strips, a circular hot-stamping design is also used. This design concept is the same as the above-mentioned waterproof zipper "arc-accommodating mouth" is also to improve the durability of the product, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of degumming cracking in the folding, machine washing, and sports. DENTIK fabrics are well-known for their waterproof and breathable materials. They are the only choice for cost-effective outdoor apparel fabrics. In practical tests, whether it is the waterproofness of the front of the jacket (water repellent and water seepage) or the air permeability in the clothes, the wearer can maintain a long and dry clothing environment stably.

Because dentex fabric is a chemical fiber resin material, when it comes in direct contact with human skin, it will have a cold and dry feeling. Therefore, many outdoor jacket wearers complain about the long-term contact between the collar of the clothes and the skin of the neck and are very uncomfortable. The “Mustag” Jacket adds a soft, thin, fleece fabric to the neckline, blocking the direct contact between the wearer's neck and the DENTIK fabric. This humanized design brings a cotton-like feel to the wearer's body while providing the collar insulation to block winds.

3, garment tightening belt and pocket design

The jacket of the Jackets is elastically tightened under the hem of the garment. When the wind blows, the elastic band can be contracted to firmly wrap the wearer's underside and prevent the cold air from pouring in. The rain cap on top of the head also uses a double tensioning strap. The fasteners of the tightening straps are also DURAFLEX resin materials, which are sturdy and durable.

In addition to the design of multiple storage pockets on the outside, the jackets have also been specially equipped with a universal hanging buckle that can be used to hang some very temporary objects in the universal hanging buckle, such as during sports. Sunglasses, commonly used pens, etc. It can be seen that designers are very aware of the characteristics of outdoor sports, taking into account the wearer's habits.

4, punching and cutting without scratching Velcro

The cuffs are made of “sticky and beautiful” punching and cutting hairless velcros from Taiwan companies. It avoids sticking dust during outdoor sports or accidentally hanging on the surface of fleece clothing worn inside, and it will not cause irritation to the delicate skin surface of human body. Compared with the general fabric buckles of ordinary jackets, this resin material's Velcro is more convenient and effortless in tearing and sticking operations, and it can also be durable.

Overall evaluation of the testers: This "Muschtag" Jackets use professional materials, exquisite workmanship. The details of the design of many close to the outdoor sportsman's operating habits, "flocking insulation collar" and "arc closed waterproof zipper" is to embody the professionalism of the Jackets. But personally feel that the storm cap of the jacket can not be folded up, only naked exposed this point is not enough to take care of the wearer wearing a non-outdoor environment (such as urban leisure, office environment). And the nylon hem of the jacket is only tightening the rope but it does not tighten the skirt, I am afraid to resist the strong wind into the inferior. Although the main zipper on the main face of the jacket is waterproof, there is no waterproof lining of the jacket. Waterproof zippers are directly exposed to the sun and wind and rain, which will affect the service life. Of course, no one is full and the clothes are not complete. For the domestic brands of self-designed and processed clothing, “Mustag” is already superior. The work.

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