IMPAQ develops double-layer wine packaging labels

   The key to double-layered wine labels is the use of high-tech printing technology. The first layer of wine labels can be easily peeled off, making it easy for consumers to collect or take it and find the same wine from a variety of grape hotels. The second layer details the characteristics of the wine and the winemaker's evaluation of the wine. The label is printed by CCL Labels. The company has 25 factories across the United States and produces trademarks for world-famous companies such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever. CCL participated in the two-year development process of double-labels. The cost of a double-decker label developed by IMPAQ is slightly higher than that of an ordinary single-layer label. The company's top executives believe that this double-layer label has great market application value and may be popularized in the future.

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