How to perform quality inspection on flexo resin plate

Regardless of the printing process, pre-press production has a great influence on the quality of printing. What's more, flexo plate making is a "shape". Either it is good, or it is a waste version. If there is a problem, it cannot be compensated or corrected. This is the biggest shortcoming of flexo. At the same time, to avoid the trouble of increasing the next printing process, the following quality standards must be mastered:

1. The printing plate must have a certain hardness. Depending on the printing process, the hardness of the plate blood is also different. The Shore hardness of the flexographic surface of corrugated cardboard boxes is about 30-35 degrees. The surface of the printing plates of plastic film and paper has a Shore hardness of about 50-55 degrees.

2. The four corners of the printing plate are uniform and the thickness is consistent. The embossed depth of the layout should be about 1/2 of the thickness of the printing plate, and the small text and small gaps have a certain depth

3. The edges of the text and lines must have a certain slope, and the layout is non-sticky.

4. Text, lines, field version, without missing pen breaks, broken lines, trachoma, dirty spots, etc.

5. The size and specifications of the printing plate are accurate, the color separation version is correct, and the bottom of the concave part is flat.

6. Reticulated layered version, high and low-key dots can not be dropped, the dots are smooth, and some low-key dots have a little depth.

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Decoiler

Hydraulic heavy duty Decoiler machines are used to facilitate the work of operator and facilitate the inner tightening process, for higher weight rolled sheet metal that can not be done used using manual tightening system.

When the hydraulic roll decoiler is used, the process of loading the roll onto the decoiler will be facilitated and speeded up. Using a hydraulic loading car will further facilitate the loading process and shorten the time as well.

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