COMPAQ server data recovery Darth Technology

Media information:

The COMPAQ server consists of 10 73G hard disks, the operating system is windows 2003, and the file partition type is NTFS.

Fault description:

Among the 10 hard disks, RAID5 made by the first 4 hard disks, RAID 5 made by the last 6 hard disks, two sets of RAID, and two hard disks of the two sets of RAID are dropped, and the database cannot be loaded.

Data recovery process:

When the data cannot be loaded, the customer looks for a consultation with each data recovery company. After the comparison, the Darth data recovery center is selected. When receiving the emergency data recovery service request from the customer, the Darth data recovery engineer calls for detailed information and carries the professional. The tool detects the state of the hard disk of the server. It is found that two of the four hard disks that are dropped are caused by the bad track, and the other two are weakened and damaged due to the aging of the hard disk. After that, the customer's 10 hard drives were brought back to the company, and the two bad sectors were repaired using the Darth Data Recovery Special Equipment tool. The two hard disks with damaged heads are replaced by the DAS data recovery engineers in the dust-free room with the same type of magnetic head spare parts, manually debugged, and then mirrored. Then reorganize the data. Due to the customer's urgency, Das Data Recovery Engineer reorganized the data in 4 days and completely recovered 800G data. Get the customer's affirmation.

Data recovery results: 100% successful

Advice to customers:

For hard drives that have been used for a long time, be sure to pay attention to timely replacement and backup data. Raid data recovery to find professional formal data recovery companies.

Gas Powered Airless Sprayers

gas airless sprayer is very powerful machine for professional contractors who spray a wide variety of coatings on residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. It is equipped with famous quality HONDA engine, Germany INA bearings, gears with level 5 grinding etc. It can finish spraying without space limit and voltage limit. Gas Airless Paint Sprayers supports to work with two guns.

Gas Airless Paint Spray Machine Advantage

1) Guaranteed Power Source

High quality HONDA engine provide guaranteed reliable power.

2) Smart Pressure Control system

Advanced microprocessor control delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure.

3) Easy Out Manifold Filter

Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs and ensure you nice finish. The pump filter

could be disassembled by hand easily.

4) Stainless Steel Rack.

Stainless steel rack with retroverted design for easily putting hose.

5) ProConnect System

ProConnect system makes pump replacement easy and fast

6) Pneumatic Tire

Equipped with pneumatic tire, machine could go anywhere.

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