Board games and "lie detectors" played

The core tip: "You lie, you lie, you see it lights up!" This is not a link in a program, nor a high-tech lie detector in a movie. This is you and me

"You lied, you lie, you see it lights up!" This is not a link in a program, nor a high-tech lie detector in a movie. This is a small story about lie detectors that is happening around you and me.

Recently, Tao Tao purchased a gift for her boyfriend. This gift is called --- miniature lie detector.

"I want to tell him through this gift, don't lie to me, haha." Tao Tao said that the gift was just a fun figure, and it was bought with the spirit of spoofing boyfriends, but it became a "table game essential" for friends. And spread in the circle of friends, everyone has bought.

When the red light is on, you can wear it.

"lie" is going to be shocked

In a corner of a quiet bar, Tao Tao and six other friends sat around a long table, and everyone looked nervous but revealed a trace of surprise and pride. In the middle of the table, there is a white round thing, this is Tao Tao's miniature lie detector.

The game is over. Everyone plays the "3" word game, that is, when it is the turn who says 3 or 3 multiples, they can't make a sound, they can only clap their hands, and the wrong person will have to accept the test of truth and adventure.

The first one lost was a college student of Tao Tao, a male student who claimed to be single. Let the boys put their hands on the finger groove of the polygraph and tie the strap. Once fixed, the pottery leaned over and pressed the “Reset” button, then pressed the “Analyser” button. She said that this is to let the lie detector remember the data of the boys and facilitate the subsequent lie detection. After the indicator lights flashed one by one, the machine made a "data reading completed" sound. At this point, the lie test began.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" A girl first thrown a question, only to see the boy's eyes flashing slightly, said: "Really, there will be you will be told." Voice just fell, lie detector The upper indicator lights up one by one (a total of five indicators, three green, two red). The lightest green color is "Truth" and the red light at the other end is "Lie". When all the lights are on, the testee must have lied. After all the lights were on, the boy "wowed" and his hand jerked --- was shocked. "You lie!" Everyone yelled, and the boys blushed to admit that there was an object of development.

Peace of mind

Can overcome the lie detector

Anyone who has ever played the truth knows that there are quite a lot of "swindlers". Some people don't follow the rules of the game. Some people will swear by the righteous words and lie, "I am joking." Since the "truth of the truth" - micro lie detector, everyone laughed: no longer have to worry about someone to play.

Tao Tao said that in fact, this lie detector is not "aura", "sometimes it will go away, sometimes it will lie to the military." It turns out that everyone knows that this lie detector can play against people. The product information reads: "When you are testing, you will be calm and you will be able to 'win' the lie detector."

However, despite this, everyone is still happy to buy this "artifact", in the words of Tao Tao: "Game only, have fun." On Taobao, I saw that the lie detector only costs tens of dollars and sells it. Yes, a shop owner who specializes in game consoles said that he sold 102 units in the past two weeks. This lie detector was used by Korean star Lee Jun Ki at the birthday party as early as 2010, but it only began to pop up in China this year. Some people worry that such an electric shock will be dangerous. The seller said that the lie detector uses three 7-cell batteries. The so-called electric shock is like a needle stick, which is short and not dangerous. Regarding the quasi-inaccurate guess, the seller is very straightforward: "Unable to suffocate, don't take it seriously." In the product introduction, it also reads: "This is just a game machine for entertainment, the manufacturer does not bear any improper use. And the quarrel occurred." According to him, the lie detection may be based on the degree of sweating of the palm. Therefore, it is very likely that there will be a phenomenon in which the truth is also shocked.

Board game new game

Going on the "three-dimensional route"

In addition to the miniature lie detector, the author also found that many board games have been upgraded, such as the introduction of a "special exclusive version." "Three Kingdoms Kill" has been evolved into "philosophical killing", "Loli kill", "pirate kill", etc., and "Werewolf" has also increased and played various roles.

Another big change is that the original card has become a three-dimensional prop. For example, "Monopoly" has models of houses, cars, trees, etc. It is easier to let people enter and relax than simple cards.

In some tide shops, the author also saw table games toys such as “micro billiard table”, “micro pinball”, “mini fishing boat”, “mini darts”, “mini table tennis table” and “mini golf”. . It is said that the most classic "Tetris" will also be a physical version for two-person board games. Like video games, players should fill the layout with 7 letters such as S, Z, L, J, I, O, and T. One is responsible for filling and one is responsible for messing up.

How are you playing board games, is it outdated?

When you are testing, you will be calm and you will be able to "win" the lie detector.

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