The color management process talks: whether the color management is standardized (2)

Digital proofing software

Why does the digital proofing and printing color reproduction inconsistent?

1. The basic linearity of the software-generated printer is not matched because this thing expresses the characteristics of the printer nozzle, the actual capacity of the paper for ink, and the ability of color reproduction. The linearity of each output device is unique and cannot be universal.

2. Does the print test sample express the color reproduction accurately?
It depends on whether the sample provided by the customer is standard or not. It is recommended to get proofs in a standard environment. And to ensure that the print and proof standards are the same.

3. Whether the use of spectrophotometer is consistent or not. It is recommended to use the brand-model consistent detection instrument in different processes. Linear correction of the printer. It is recommended that this process also use consistent measurement equipment.

4. Whether the print media and ink have changed the brand and model will also affect the restoration of color.

5, whether to calibrate the printer for a long time after the printer is used for a period of time, the slight loss of the nozzle or other reasons will cause the color is not accurate, need to use the printer linear calibration function provided by the software with the spectrophotometer regularly.

6. Software service providers do not provide timely on-site assistance and maintenance for late-stage services, rapid technical response, and continuity of software upgrades. In this way, customers do not feel that the dealer is not responsible for themselves.

Print Profile Generates Required Measurement Charts and Equipment

Test Equipment

In the past, people all liked to use IT 8 charts. In fact, ECI2002 charts included all the color blocks in IT 8, and then added some darker colors. Therefore, we recommend that users still use ECI2002 charts.

What kind of print test chart is ideal?

Usually when we are installing for the customer, the customer will ask us for a printed test chart. Usually we provide the following picture to the customer. This picture basically includes all the problems that may occur before printing.

Print test chart

(The order of the pictures is arranged from left to right and from top to bottom.) The left picture 1 is a black-and-white image. We can see the three-colored ladder that it displays when it is printed. Figure 2 The figures mainly look at people. The skin color; Figure 3 is a high-gloss picture, you can see the reduction of high light and basic color; Figure 4 black and orange spot color printing; Figure 5 can be used to see the high tone level; Figure 6 is used to Observe the saturation; Figure 7 is for observing the darkness level.

Figure 2 and Figure 6 are RGB charts. The file is based on PDF F3. If the system is not based on the PDF F3 flow, there will be a gray difference between the two images.

The following pictures of the four purple skirts were used to observe the impact. From different angles, under different network lines, to see if there will be a collision situation. When you look at the ladder and when it is excessive, the level will not open.

How to better use digital proofing software?

1. The stability of post-printing conditions and the stable and stable printing quality of operating personnel can increase the usage rate of digital proofing and save the actual cost. Frequent replacement operators are not conducive to the stability of digital proofing color. It is recommended that a person use digital proofing software and perform post-maintenance.

2, with the spectrophotometer for post-use maintenance can be regularly and regularly calibrated the printer can use the spectrophotometer to print samples of color stability check

3, choose a reliable media supplies suppliers and software service providers media supply stability, instability will increase costs.
Continuity of software upgrades and rapid and effective technical response

The application of GMG color management software in the industry: printing industry, art reproduction industry, imaging industry.

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