Laser engraving technology diversifies platemaking

Laser engraving machine as high-tech products, optical, mechanical, electrical integration of high technology content. Laser engraving has an efficient, accurate, and clear automatic engraving function. Laser auto-engraving plate making can reach the printing effect of 40-60 lines, and manual plate making is below 40 lines. Laser-engraving plate making completely replaces hand-carved plates. Due to the low cost of laser engraving, only one quarter of the cost of the resin version is available. At present, the carton industry generally uses laser-engraving plate-making and resin plates as corrugated carton-packed printing plates. The use of Yueming laser processing equipment in the market is more, resin version generally uses BASF and TDR plates.

Comparison of laser engraving and manual engraving

Laser-engraving plate-making is completely imitating and optimizing the manual plate-making design. After the laser-engraving plate-making was brought to the market, in the ten years, the engraving has a 0.3-mm slope through software upgrade, and the light failure at the corner of the sculpture is automatically compensated. Increase the speed of automatic engraving. Basically, hand-engraved plates are eliminated. In addition, the laser engraving plate, completely eliminate engraving mistakes, artificial engraving inevitably appear engraving errors, the original is good, hand-carved when a knife mistake, the whole block scrap, if found not always lead to the entire batch of cartons scrapped. Laser engraving is the use of software, the original input automatic engraving, there is no engraving errors. 〉〉True and fake identification - Thousands of product identification methods

Comparison of Laser Engraving Plates and Resin Plates

1. The one-time investment of laser-engraving plate making is low, and a set of 2 m photosensitive flexible drying machine is not less than 400,000 yuan, while a laser engraving machine is about 4 million yuan.
2. The production cost of the resin plate is high, with an average price of 1.25 yuan/in2 for the resin version in the PRD region and 0.32 yuan/in2 for the laser-engraving plate, although the production of the resin version in large quantities can reduce the production cost to 0.90 yuan/in2. However, not all companies can do it. Even if the cost can still be much higher than laser plate making.
3. Laser engraving is low-energy, non-polluting, and the resin plate processing is highly polluting. Although the plate-making solution recovery device is better than none, the recovery rate of the plate-making solution cannot be 100%. Pollution is inevitable.
4. The laser engraving size can be unlimited, the production site only needs more than ten square meters, and the resin plate printing machine work site can not be less than 40 square meters, the production smells pungent, the production site must be separated independently, in addition, the processing size Subject to model restrictions. The 2m photosensitive flexible plate printer can only produce resin plates within 2 meters.
5. The laser-engraving platemaking uses a 0.3 mm slope, and the durability performance is basically similar to that of the resin plate. Only the resin number of the following No. 7 character printing is superior to the laser engraving plate.

Laser engraving and photosensitive resin plate in the practical application of corrugated box packaging industry

Currently, in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta economically developed areas, photosensitive resin plate, laser engraving version popular, resin version with its high flexibility, printing in the carton industry, transport packaging and printing accounted for 30% of the market, and laser engraving plate full Accept the original hand-engraving plate making occupy 70% of the market. 90% of corrugated cartons belong to the transport packaging. The printing requirements are generally about 40 lines, and the carton printing machinery can only reach 80 lines or less. Over 80 lines generally use color offset printing. Between the transport package and the sales package, the electrical package can be laser-engraved. The resin plate is now mostly used because of the habits of some manufacturers.

Low-energy, environmentally-friendly laser engraving and photopolymer competition and prediction

In addition to economic reasons, the use of laser-engraving plates in electrical and food packaging is more important than environmental protection. In carton packaging and printing, air cushions or sponge pads with good elasticity are used for printing to obtain high resolving power and improve the printing effect by 10 to 20 lines. At present, many carton packaging companies try this method to achieve better results. A more prudent approach is to use a resin version for some of the smaller text patterns and a laser engraving for the text patterns above the seventh character. If all use photosensitive resin plate, a set of printing plate is not less than two or three thousand yuan, but the use of laser-engraving plate-based, photosensitive resin plate supplement, a set of plates is only more than 500 yuan.

Diversification of platemaking technology

Competition not only provides more choices for the carton packaging industry, but also greatly reduces costs and improves the economic benefits for the carton packaging industry. Prior to the advent of laser engraving, the average price of photosensitive resin was 5 yuan/in2. At the time, almost every industrial area in the Pearl River Delta had a photosensitive resin plate production and processing site. After the laser-engraving plate was introduced to the market, the price of the photosensitive resin plate dropped sharply, falling to 1.25 yuan/in2 today, and the scale of production also shrank. The benefits of plate-making competition to the carton packaging industry are clear.

In summary, in the future, corrugated carton packaging companies will continue to compete in the printing plate technology, laser engraving and photopolymer printing will continue to compete, and will be even more exciting. According to corrugated packaging carton industry experts predict. In the future, the photosensitive resin will be completely withdrawn on the transport packaging carton plates, and printing and packaging of the product will be printed. The photosensitive resin plate still has slight advantages.

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