[Tianjin University of Science and Technology] Mechanical Principles Comprehensive Teaching Tools


[Mechanical Principles Comprehensive Teaching Aid]

Introduction to the work: This teaching aid combines the basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing principles, realizes the whole process of flowering and closing with a simple linkage mechanism, and realizes the teaching demonstration of the basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing principles through this intuitive representation. This teaching aid consists of the original moving parts. The gear, the cam, the slider and the connecting rod are composed. The working process is: the driving member starts to rotate from a certain position under the driving of the motor (assuming that the flower is closed at this time), and the whole device starts with the driving of the driving member. Movement, the flower gradually unfolds, after a certain time and stroke, the flower expands to the maximum state. At this time, the delay function is realized by connecting two crank slider mechanisms in series, one of which is at the dead point position, so that the flower is kept in a stable open state. The other mechanism maintains the continuous motion state, drives the cam mechanism, uses the short rod fixed on the cam to break the dead point position, and starts the flower closing motion state. After a certain time and stroke, the flower is closed, and the mechanism reaches another dead point. Position, the flower stays closed for a certain period of time. Through the system design of the linkage mechanism, cam mechanism and gear mechanism, the motion cycle of flower opening-delay-flower closing-delay is completed. The teachings of the mechanical principles used in this teaching aid include: mobile vice, rotating vice, high deputy, high and low generation, dead position, cam mechanism and evolution mechanism of four-bar mechanism, intermittent structure and mechanical system design, from which the whole mechanism movement is realized. The process is stable, simple, and intuitive to meet the relevant teaching tasks.

Name of the work: mechanical principle integrated teaching aid

Completed by: Tianjin University of Science and Technology

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