Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

Men struggle for work every day, causing physical and mental exhaustion, lack of sleep, and tired face. Let's look at how urban men can overcome the problem of autumn skin and get rid of dry and dark.

Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

The main cause of men's skin burnout

Toxin accumulation

About toxins can make the skin dull, we don't have to say anything. The key is that men are more likely to face toxin accumulation than women. Because men are more likely to be affected by cigarettes (or secondhand smoke), excessive drinking, and poor sleep, these will increase the accumulation of toxins.

2. Environmental pollution

The ultraviolet rays in the sun, the dirty air with excessive exhaust gas, the open office environment of air-conditioning throughout the year and the long-term exposure to computer radiation , this inevitable environmental factor causes damage to the human body and also puts pressure on the skin. Improper use of sunscreens and isolation products has caused these injuries to multiply.

Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

3. Keratin accumulation

I feel like a gray complexion on my face, so I should go to the horny. As the age increases and the pressure increases, the skin's metabolism becomes slower and slower. If the aged skin aging keratin is not cleaned up in time, it will block the skin's renewal like a barrier, cover the skin's brilliance and make the face look. Dark and tired.

4. Psychological stress

Emotional irritability requires catharsis, which is not only a psychological problem, but also affects your body. Skin is no exception. When the emotions of esoteric stagnation are in the body, they will turn into poisonous fires, impacting the body's healthy righteousness, flowing to the skin, and forming dull and tired skin.

For men, wanting to quickly say goodbye to the tired face will use some of the skin care products that rejuvenate, rejuvenate and deeply nourish, which can help you get rid of fatigue more effectively. By replenishing moisture and promoting circulating metabolism, the skin that is tired of stress and fatigue is continuously replenished with nutrients, and it is as if it is just radiant after jogging. The first consideration is that the face is not clean enough, or the old keratin can not be metabolized, using a mild cleansing cleansing product with a cleansing effect, with a horny cleansing cleanser that promotes circulation, and accelerates the keratin metabolism by external force, which can make the tired The skin becomes clean and bright.

Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

1. Avene Soft Cleansing Gel

Containing 89% Avene active spring water, special moisturizing particles (containing vitamin E and safflower oil) can make the skin lasting and moist, avoiding the tension after washing. Contains no soap base, mild botanical cleansing factor, it can effectively remove makeup, soft cleansing, make skin transparent and light.

Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

2, UNO Wu Nuo black charcoal powerful cleansing cream

Contains a new sebum adsorption component such as natural black carbon to strongly cleanse the skin's surface oils and dirt and prevent skin shine. Keep your skin clean. After cleansing, the skin feels firm and smooth, cool and refreshing. A refreshing citrus aroma.

Say goodbye to the lack of fatigue in the autumn

3, Biotherm blazing skin series men's refreshing cleansing å“©

To get rid of the tiredness completely, you must start with deep cleaning, unique air pressure packaging, and the foam will instantly wash away the tiredness, and it can also be used as a shaving foam.

How to use: After foaming, massage in a moist face and neck, avoid eye area and wash with water. >>>The age of beauty is about 5 major single products to defend the beauty

TIPS: If you don't like skin care, you can also consider getting good skin color from daily living habits, correct rest time, controlling smoking and drinking, and you can bid farewell to autumn fatigue and wake up skin regeneration energy.

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