E-commerce pushes the printing industry into the golden age

Over the past 30 years, China's printing and packaging machinery industry has experienced a development process from scratch and from small to large. Today, China is the world's second largest packaging country with an annual industrial output value of more than 1.2 trillion yuan. The output of packaging products ranks among the top in the world. Among the 42 industrial sectors of the national economy, the total output value of the packaging industry has risen from the second to the twelfth in the 1980s, becoming an important industry in the national economy. China's printing and packaging production and sales rank second in the world, and it has also reached a new high in the history of global printing and packaging sales. The development speed of domestic printing and packaging manufacturers in just a few years is amazing.

However, China's printing enterprises account for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the overall quality of the industry is uneven, ranging from modern enterprises to backward small workshops. These small workshops are inherently less competitive. In order to survive, they are willing to grab orders at below-cost wages, thus putting the industry in a vicious circle of price-cutting competition. At the same time, these companies naturally cannot invest more money in technology. And the upgrading of equipment has weakened the overall competitiveness of the Chinese printing industry. What is important is that the printing industry in China has developed too fast. The so-called cause and effect must be fruitful. This is one of the main reasons for the “bleaing business” in China's printing industry. Brand marketing expert Lan Xiaohua predicts that the rapid development will continue. In 2012, China's printing and packaging sales will increase by 7%. It is expected that the growth rate will continue to rise in 2013, and the future development prospects of the domestic printing and packaging industry will be clearer. Under the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, some professional printing and packaging websites have begun to rise. The following will be introduced in detail by Anmei Mall.

It is understood that Amway Mall is the first phase of Anmei Group to invest 50 million to build China's first online printing cloud platform for printing consumables, focusing on printing consumables online procurement platform, distribution, brand promotion and other services. Anmei Mall is also China's leading online distribution platform for printing consumables. The domestic M2B portal website with leading operating mode. The person in charge of Anmei Mall said that Anmei Mall is committed to becoming the domestic online printing market, realizing the automatic information networking of the printing procurement business operation, focusing on the printing industry resources, improving the front-end technology development, integrating years of industry experience, for suppliers, An honest printing procurement trading platform that is simple, fast, and complete in information is provided between buyers and printing users. In order to better facilitate customers and make the accounting relationship simple and clear, Anmei Mall has created a customer information platform to provide one-stop service. Customers can complete orders online, follow up orders, and so on. The ability of the company to control the process.

The person in charge of Anmei Mall introduced that the website is user-oriented and allows users to experience fresh printing and packaging information at all times. In addition, Anmei Mall has built a customer information platform to provide one-stop service, customers can complete orders and follow-up online. Orders, and other goods can be delivered to the door, greatly improving the company's ability to control the process. Anmei Mall is bringing more points of interest to more and more suppliers, buyers and consumers, and will strive to become a valuable service brand in the printing industry. To provide one-to-one butler service for buyers and suppliers, and to guide the traditional printing industry procurement to the Internet information age, to form a short-distribution, large-volume printing consumables online distribution business platform.

The small factory does not transform itself into a dead end, and there is not enough financial support in the simple follow-up. In such a "former wolf-back tiger" business environment, our factory joins the big family of Anmei Mall, as long as the printing products are ready, Anmei Mall The website operation department has a 'VIP wholesale' service platform, one-to-one network service for institutional procurement, online release of procurement information, selection of qualified purchasers from a large number of suppliers, negotiation, purchase of printed materials, product sales, brand promotion Waiting for An Mei Mall to have a professional team to help us, so that we are very worry-free, An Mei Mall service is very intimate.

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