Outdoor classroom: try to avoid the top ten taboos of outdoor photography [Figure]

One, avoid direct sunlight

The bright sunshine provides good lighting conditions that make the scenery lively, saturated in color, and provide conditions for using high-speed Shutters and small apertures. But the strong sunshine will also cause problems. The most prominent is that its dazzling light will make the subject unable to open its eyes. At the same time, high-angle direct sunlight will cause heavy shadows on the faces of the people, showing skin wrinkles. , the image of the damage to the image of the United States. Therefore, when photographing outdoors, the sun should be exposed to the subject from the side, avoiding the face directly facing the sun.

Second, bogey characters and colored environment too close

Under bright light, the reflection of the object will increase. In this case, the figure should try to stay away from those brightly colored scenes (such as the exterior walls of newly-painted buildings, large-scale awnings, etc.), otherwise those scenes Colors map to the character and cause color casts.

Third, avoid top light when the characters stand on the concrete floor to take pictures

Because the surface of cement is relatively flat and the color is light, it will form a strong reflex. This bottom-up “footlight” often causes a horrible effect and should be avoided as much as possible.

Fourth, avoid stand by the tree to take pictures

Light and shadow complement each other, the stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. When people stand at the side of the tree to take pictures, the sun often projects leaves on the person's body and face, causing mottled shadows and detracting from the beauty of the picture.

Fifth, avoid neglect the filter

In the cloudless blue sky outdoors, all shades of light are covered with blue shades; while in the glow of the following day, all the scenery is stained with orange-red. In such an environment, if you want to maintain the original color of the captured scene, you must install the appropriate filter in front of the lens, in the former case, you can use light red or amber filter, In the latter case, light blue filters can be used.

Six, avoid using high-speed film

In sunny skies, the intensity of light is already very high. If you use a high-speed film, you will often force the aperture to be extremely small, or you will not be able to use a slow shutter speed. These conditions will bring some limitations to photography creation.

Seven, avoid light

Under bright sunlight, the scenery will have a strong contrast. In order to avoid excessive contrast, it is effective to use auxiliary light for auxiliary lighting, but to make good use of measures, it is necessary to avoid the auxiliary light being too bright, and to avoid showing the auxiliary light (such as the projection of the main light).

Eight, avoid completely dependent on the automatic exposure file

Many amateur photographers like to use automatic exposure files when they are taking pictures outdoors. They do not know that this kind of automatic exposure file can only deal with some common situations. When they encounter yin and yang sides or back light, they will become “stupid”, so they have to see the machine. Act, according to the specific circumstances of the appropriate exposure adjustments.

Nine, bogey against the light straight into the lens

Backlighting under strong light conditions, to prevent the light from going straight to the lens, it is easy to produce halo.

Ten, avoid wearing reflective clothing

Photographed in bright light, if the subject is wearing a reflective clothing (such as a white shirt, nylon clothing, etc.), it will become a white or a large bright spot, so that the texture of the clothing is difficult to express.

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