Metallic printing should be linked with the printing process

Metallic printing should have a certain connection with the printing process. In the process of printing iron, people find that the more transparent ink is printed on tinplates that have been coated, polished, and mirror-finished. The printed products can produce a glittering, translucent, splendid effect, making people feel very high-grade. Affected by this, due to the appearance of vacuum aluminum plating technology, metal cardboard and anodized aluminum materials are gradually being introduced into the paper and plastic composite packaging field. Metal cardboard is also called aluminum foil paperboard. One of its production processes is to adopt calendering method to make aluminum aluminum into ultra-thin aluminum foil and compound it with paperboard. The other is to apply plastic film after vacuum aluminum plating. Composite paper.

In general, metal cardboard has a smooth surface with a mirror effect, no micropores, and poor printability. It should be printed with ink with strong adhesion. In addition, the amount of ink is also very important, large amount of ink is not easy to dry the conjunctiva, while affecting the transparency of printed products, easy to bring dirty. The ink is small and does not cover the bottom. Practice has proved that the use of UV light curing ink printing process can make the ink instantly dry, the effect is better. Anodized aluminum stamping materials are also another process of metallic gloss printing. Electro-aluminum, also called metal powder foil heat transfer material, transfers the sprayed metal layer to the print by heating and pressing, so that the print produces a magnificent metallic luster.

At present, most packages have the requirement of hot aluminum. Hot iron and aluminum technology can also be used after the hot embossing treatment, hot convex one-time molding, a large area of ​​hot pressure and other advanced technology to make the print more abundant and diverse. The materials made by calendaring the aluminum foil and the plastic or vacuum aluminum plating followed by secondary compounding can also be applied to flexible packaging. It not only increases the metallic luster of flexible packaging, improves the packaging grade, but also has the effect of strong solar radiation and anti-UV radiation.

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