Mattress comfort becomes the "key" for young people to choose a bed

As the most romantic background in the wedding room - the wedding bed is particularly important in the entire wedding room. There is a lot of secrets hidden in a seemingly simple bed, so it’s sloppy when you choose. Yimeishu mattress

It is reported that "mattress comfort" has become a key factor for young people in buying a bed. At present, there are three kinds of water bed, latex bed and spring bed in the domestic mattress market. The materials used for the lining are sponge, foam, horsehair, coco, cotton and latex. The latex bed has sufficient elasticity, high softness and little chance of deformation. If it is a completely natural latex material, it will have a breathable effect. The cavities and voids on the latex pad have ergonomic effects in addition to being breathable. Generally, the upper and lower layers of the latex bed are covered with a layer of wool, and the hardness is relatively high; some are simply covered with latex and the quilt is the lowest hardness; and the latex bed is dispersed in the wool, and the hardness is between the two. between. With the advancement of research and development technology, the spring mattress spring has evolved from the early coupling type to the independent cylinder and the bagged independent cylinder to the linear spring and the bagged linear spring. If the couple is afraid that the flip will affect the other person's sleep, and do not want to sleep in bed, you can choose a bag-type independent tube or a linear spring mattress, just like merging two independent spring mattresses, lying on individual When flipping the position of the spring bed, any turning vibration will not affect the person sleeping next to it.
In addition, when buying a wedding bed, since we always like to lean half-way, the comfort of the bed is our first consideration. Secondly, it is best to have a storage function on the bed of the wedding bed, so that small objects that are not willing to leave too far can be kept by the side. In addition, it is best to leave a bedside lamp on the bed. Although we will extinguish the lights during sleep, the bedside should be able to provide illumination at any time, not only for functional functions like reading, but also for the creation of a bedroom atmosphere. A little bit of local light on the bed helps to achieve a warm effect. . Finally, a good bed must also have a perfect set of bedding. When choosing, you should not only consider your own preferences, but also consider the coordination of the color pattern of the bed and the wedding room environment.


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