How to squeeze acne? Acne family must learn science mastery skills

Squeezing acne preparation tools: soft horny lotion, youth stick, acne mask, clip eyebrow clip.

First, the hands must be cleaned

How do you squeeze acne ? Before squeezing acne, clean your hands. It is best to use an exfoliating mask to make the cuticle soft and acne easier to squeeze out. However, if you have an inflamed acne, remember not to rub it when exfoliating. Prepare the hand to fight pox, it is best to wipe it again with lotion. After washing your face, don't wipe anything where you need to squeeze acne, especially if you don't use astringent lotion, it will make the pores shrink, it is more difficult to squeeze out acne.

As for the youthful sticks to be used, first disinfect them with a sprinkle or lotion. When a young person squeezes a acne, the contact is small and does not affect or damage the normal skin next to the acne. But when you first start using it, it may not be easy, and some people use the youthful stick to forget to clean, the acne that has been squeezed out stays on the pus, and then the next acne, a bit like an infectious disease.

Second, first wipe the soft horny lotion

It is easier to rub soft horny lotion and squeeze acne. To deal with the tenacious acne that is strong and unyielding, first wipe the soft horny lotion, you will find that it is particularly easy to squeeze, just like when you remove the acne mask, you must use the same way to soften the horny beauty liquid.

Third, first take the paper and wrap your fingers

Squeeze acne by hand, first take the paper to wrap your fingers, but the tissue exposed in the air is still in danger of contamination. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the second piece below to be safe when you take the facial tissue. If you want to squeeze with a youthful stick, remember that the acne is the one with the smaller hole, which looks like the shape of the wire wound into a circle. The squeezing acne uses the larger side of the hole, which looks deeper and rounder. When the circle is convex, when pressing, just press the acne opening down in the middle of the circle, or slowly move it until the hole touches the edge of the wire. If you can't squeeze it out at once, you may have different driving directions. You can try it in one direction.

Fourth, can not pull up all the acne

In addition, many beautiful women can't pull up all the acne when they squeeze acne. In fact, after the acne is removed, you will find that many acne are not uprooted. At this time, as long as you take out the clip of the eyebrows and use the corners to clip out a short acne, the acne will really It’s clean. However, if you find that acne and acne are too squeezable, you can't squeeze it out easily. I suggest you don't use too much force, too "violent", or lick your medicine!

Fifth, you can wash the wound with saline

To squeeze the acne, in order to avoid inflammation, you can wash the wound with saline, or apply it with anti-inflammatory lotion and ointment, which can not only reduce the inflammation, but also make the redness and swelling disappear after the squeeze.

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