Hot eye makeup show

Eyes are the most attractive place. How to make your eyes amazing? It is better to draw a beautiful makeup, let the beautiful beauty change, and use the heavy metal eye makeup to attract the one in your heart!

Metallic smoky eye makeup, rock-n-roll, with transparent lips, this is the focus of this season's makeup, not losing the true beauty due to heavy makeup, very personal and yet charming. A colorful eye shadow tray, with it, you can easily create a variety of different degrees of smoked eye makeup, to help you easily achieve character conversion.

Cool smoke

The makeup is not exaggerated, not unassuming, and not unconventional, suitable for the daily makeup of the small smoky makeup. With a sense of coolness in nature, it is the first choice for low-key people.

Applying makeup steps:

1. Select the purple line in the eye shadow tray, centered on the eyeliner position, and basically smudge the double eyelid fold position.

2. Grab the mini metal star yarn color palette and gently swipe along the cheekbones to create a three-dimensional facial.

Rocky cool smoke

The make-up makes people return to the 70s and 80s, and the smoky look with a rock-and-roll look is all the rage. A rich, full-bodied smoky effect with a screaming dazzling lipstick for a realistic rock star.

Applying makeup steps:

1. Select the metallic color of the eye shadow tray, first apply it on the root of the eyelashes, then gently smudge it outwards.

2. The limited edition screaming glare silver storm lipstick effect is surprisingly successful, transforming into the stage STAR.

Big smoked

Let the big smoke that highlights the personality attract the audience. Exquisite eyeliner and large-scale smoked effect make up the impact of the party eye makeup, this luxurious neutral fashion, it is difficult to not pay attention.

Applying makeup steps:

1. Draw the eyeliner with black eyeliner, the lines are round and clear.

2. Choose the black color or eye shadow cream in the eye shadow tray to smudge the striking big smoked makeup effect.

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