Dior five-color eye shadow group appreciation

DIOR five-color eye shadow group

In this exquisite eye shadow product, Dior creates dozens of different styles of personal makeup through the combination of five colors of fashion colors. A variety of color combinations, prepared for different you, the ever-changing color, and the status of Dior color experts.

Every season, DIOR will launch a variety of dazzling make-up products, but this eye shadow has continued to be the favorite of many makeup artists and women since 1987.

Reference price: 580 yuan / 6 grams

How to identify genuine and fake products:

Cosmetics should be distinguished from the batch number, packaging, instructions, shell and material quality and taste.


Like Dior's eye shadow online shopping, how can more than 300 genuine products. It is very likely that it is too cheap.

2. Product batch number

Dior's lot number is generally four yards.

The first code indicates the year, such as 2D01 for 02 years. 3D01 means 03 years.

The second code indicates the month.

Produced in 2007: A = 1 month, B = 2 months, C = 3 months, D = 4 months, E = 5 months, F = 6 months, G = 7 months, H = 8 months, J = September , K = October, L = November, M = December.

The English letter "I" is very similar to the "1" of the Arabic numerals. I am afraid that it will be confused, so skip it.

However, in 2008, the brand's products were replaced with new batch numbers. The letters of the month start from N, N=1; P=2; Q=3; R=4; S=5; T=6; U=7; V=8; W=9; X=10; 11; Z = 12.

O is very similar to 0, and there is no.