Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

1. Foundation modification small face method

That's right, you can use a little trick on the foundation to make your face look small. Due to the light color expansion and dark color shrinkage, a light-colored foundation is used in the more prominent T-shaped part, which emphasizes the three-dimensional effect of the facial features and can cause visual concentration. On the cheeks, use a deeper foundation so that the cheeks look thinner. In addition, using a circle of repairing powder deeper than the skin color around the face will make the face smaller and give the impression of a small face.

TIPS: The foundation must be connected naturally. Don't let people feel black and white.

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

2, high light repair capacity

Not only can the shadows be repaired, but the highlights are also an important means of turning a small face. When applying makeup, you should apply high light on the nose and the part of the cheek near the nose. This will not only make the nose high, but also use the high light to make the face appear high in the middle, and the small sphere around the face will completely get rid of the face of the pie. Troubled.

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

3, eyebrows face method

Eyebrows are a part that we can easily ignore, but in fact the eyebrows also affect the face shape. The eyebrows are drawn too long or too short, making the contours of the face look short and wide. High eyebrows are the best choice for pie face MM extended face. The height difference between the high eyebrows and the arc of the upward movement can not only lengthen the face, but also increase the three-dimensionality of the face and make the whole person refreshed.

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

4, thick eye makeup distraction method

Big eyes can make people forget the size of their faces, so the way to make your face smaller is to create a deep alum. This will make the eyes attract people's attention and temporarily forget the pie face. The blue eye shadow will make your eyes look slender, and the glamorous eyelids will make the whole face look good. Therefore, the MM with a large face is best to choose a blue eye shadow, and focus on the lower eyelid, and use the brown eye shadow as a highlight to create a shadow effect on the eye. In order to make the effect better, you can take a small amount of sequin eyeshadow, faintly sweeping around the corners of the eyes and brow bones, to achieve a certain brightening effect.

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

5, blush repair capacity method

The application of blush is also skillful, and the correct use of blush can make the face instantly smaller. First of all, you must choose the location of the blush. First connect the eyebrows with the pencil and the eye tip vertically downwards. The intersection with the shin is the center point of the blush. This point should be the most concentrated position. If you don't want to be so troublesome, you can use the laugh muscle to judge. That is, when you smile, the highest point of the cheek is the center of the blush, and it can be applied to the area in front of the ear to the temple. Blushing should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will look very glaring or face. >>>Easy 8 big steps to create popular nude makeup

TIPS: To see facial blush, if it is a long face, you can draw a rounded blush range with a circle; if it is a small round face, it is suitable to use a horizontal brush to slant the blush to reconcile the face. Not standard.

Using makeup techniques to create a delicate little V face

6, flame red lips face method

Maybe MM thinks that the lip color is too bright, so it is more inclined to choose the lipstick with nude makeup effect. As everyone knows, the bright lipstick can make the face much thinner, and it can make the skin texture fine and increase the three-dimensional effect. In particular, the rose-colored lipstick is a weapon to modify the face shape, because it can make the lip look more full, increase the presence of the lips, and make the face look relatively small. In addition, it should be noted that the lipstick should be painted on the lips and not painted in a circle, otherwise it will make your face more rounded.

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