[equipment knowledge] purchase of outdoor tents

The tent is an important piece of equipment for camping, but it is not the only one. Its role in camping is limited. Generally speaking, tents do not promise to keep warm, camping to keep warm is the task of sleeping bags. The main functions of tents are windproof, rainproof, dustproof, anti-dew and moisture-proof, providing a relative for campers. Comfortable rest environment. According to the above objectives, the selection of tents should focus on the following factors:

1, easy to use and carry. Carrying, if it is a backpacker, it is more convenient for the traditional tent. After disassembly, it can be put directly into the backpack. The self-driving family can choose to open the tent quickly. After gathering, it is a round cake shape, suitable for being placed in the trunk. 2, the external account waterproof, internal account ventilation, high-quality tent essential two points. The most common tent coating is PU coating, PU is a polyurethane high molecular organic, PU coating is a stable low temperature resistant coating, commonly used in a variety of fabrics. The thickness of the PU coating and the coating technique determine the water repellency of the fabric. The thickness of the coating is expressed in mm, indicating the static barrier height of the coating under laboratory conditions. The PU800 coating indicated that the coating was leak-tight under a static water column of 800 mm. The PU800 coating protects against moderate to moderate rain. The PU1000-1200 coating protects against moderate to heavy rain. More than 1500mm coating can be used in a variety of environments. 3, the struts have high strength and good resilience, and the aluminum rods are better than the glass fiber rods. The best rods at the moment are carbon rods, down to aluminum, then fiberglass, and finally irons (except for the troops that are almost useless). Most of the aluminum alloy rods are in the order of price and performance, namely bismuth aluminum alloy, 7075T9, 7001T6. The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the texture diameter of the pole, but also related to the number of sets of the pole. Generally speaking, the more the number of poles, the better the windproof performance. 4, the account should be waterproof and wearable. The bottom of the account is required to be waterproof and strong and wear-resistant. The commonly used bottom material is PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. The PE account is used in the middle and low-end tents, and the waterproof polyester cloth is used in the middle and high-end tents. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to a low-grade snakeskin bag. The actual tent uses a PE material with a waterproof membrane on both sides, including a large number of export tents. The bottom of the account is in contact with the ground and is easily scratched by debris such as gravel and grass roots. Therefore, before camping outdoors, it is necessary to clean the hard objects on the ground or use tents and cloth to pave the surface as a protective layer. Tent floor cloth generally uses 420D wear-resistant oxford cloth. 5. Selecting front and rear double doors or tents for windows is more conducive to ventilation. At this point, the new quick-open tent is better designed and more ventilated. 6, the design should be reasonable, need to have enough ground and wind rope. Accessories such as bags, nails, and ropes also affect the use of tents. The bag should be durable and the number of nails should be sufficient. The strength of the aluminum nails should be large, and the ropes should be used to fix the tents. There are 3 kinds of support methods for common tents: 1. The inner support is covered, that is, the bracket is used to support the inner account, then the waterproof outer cover is put on, and then fixed. This kind of support is more convenient, and most tents use the support method of the inner support. 2, the external support hanging, that is, first support the external account, and then hang the internal account on the external account. This kind of support is more conducive to rain protection, because the internal account is always kept at a certain distance from the external account, but it takes some time for the first support. E225 uses this kind of support method; 3. It is a single frame support, and then fixed with the top of the ground and the drawstring. This kind of tent support environment has limitations. It must be an environment where nails can be nailed or roped. On concrete floors and hard rock floors, tents cannot stand automatically. Single and led tents use this method of support. Although the use of tents is not complicated, it should be said that it is also a study. The same tents are used properly, and the wind and rainproof effects are good. Otherwise, they are not ideal. Of course, different uses can also choose different tents. Professional outdoor and amateurs are different after all. When choosing, you should be clearly positioned to choose the best tent. Affordable, domestic brands are generally snow wolf, animal husbandry, KAILAS. The positioning of these three brands is also different. See your own ability. If the economic ability is better, it is recommended to buy a better one.

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